Goni Coffee at Kemang Timur Jakarta

July 11th, 2017. It’s my first time to Goni Coffee. When I arrived, I was shocked. OMG! They said Goni is a very small coffee shop, and the Goni Coffee in front of me was big! Those liars!!!


When I came inside I was greeted by the baristas. They were very serious. Just looking at me with those intimidating eyes. Then, when I said, “I want to meet Fauzan..” a guy at the right side jumped and said, “Yes, it’s me!” Hahahaha.. They’re so cute! Well, I hope they will maintain their greetings to customers hahahahha.. The place is spacious. They said it’s much bigger than the previous Goni. Wow, so it’s not the very small coffee shop anymore. They moved from Kemang Selatan to Kemang Timur. Anyway, I asked the philosophy behind the name. They said it’s inspired by gunny sack, the material that they used to carry coffee beans. Well, actually, there’s no philosophy about it. They just loved the name. LOL.

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Ice Latte 35k

I think I know why people love Goni Coffee. Their ice latte was really good. Despited their friendly atmosphere and hospitality of the people, they can make good coffee. Wow! Definitely a keeper.


Choco Donut

It’s homemade donut. Really really good. Not too oily like any other donut. The filling was okay, not really generous but a perfect portion for the cute donut.


I must go back there again to try their other food. Must! Must! Must! This Friday I will go there! Anyone?

Goni Coffee
Jl. Kemang Timur Raya No. 78CD
Phone: +62 858-5000-4135
IG: @gonicoffee