[SINGAPORE] Coffeesmith at Orchardgateway Orchard Rd Singapore

September 26th, 2017. When we visited Orchardgateway, I asked my friend, Arnest, to meet us there. He brought his girlfriend and introduced us. Nice to meet you Novie. After a quick dinner, we visited the new coffee shop there. Coffeesmith.


Our name coffeesmith is derived from the English suffix -smith, which means that someone is a skillful craftsman of one’s product. Our finest Arabica beans are blended-or say “crafted” -carefully for the true coffee lover in you. Enjoy our rich, delightful coffee pleasure by coffeesmith!

Korean coffee chain Coffeesmith opened in Singapore at Orchardgateway. They served selection of coffee, frappe, draft beers, brunch items, waffles and cakes. Comfortable seats all around the coffee bar. Well, we didn’t order much, so it will be a very simple review.

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Chamomile Tea $ 6.90

Funny thing happened. Arnest and Novie ordered Caramel something, and they gave them Chamomile Tea. LOL.


Cafè Latte $ 6.50

Super huge cup! A little bit too strong for me, but the after taste was good. I couldn’t finish the cup hahaha..


#01-09A Orchardgateway
277 Orchard Rd
Singapore 238858
Phone: +65 8399 7900
IG: @coffeesmith_singapore