[SINGAPORE] WANNA CUPPA at New Bridge Rd Clarke Quay Singapore

September 27th, 2017. After a nice bakuteh breakfast, I stopped by at WANNA CUPPA, just beside the restaurant. I didn’t know anything about this coffee shop. My sister told me that she wanted to go there on her last trip to Singapore, but didn’t have a chance.


Inspired by the 1920s Gatsby glamour, WANNA CUPPA creates a unique environment for customers to come and relax in an atmosphere of a secret garden. WANNA CUPPA provides our customers with a great ambience with smooth-jazz music and fresh bouquets of floral arrangements. Designed by Enpuro, an architect and interior designer based in the UK, WANNA CUPPA features fresh interpretations of the classic art deco 1920s designs.

Actually, I wonder why nobody ever tell me about WANNA CUPPA. But, I still visited the place, since it was raining and I didn’t have anywhere to go. When I came inside, I really felt the atmosphere like they wrote on their website. Atmosphere of a secret garden. After some times, I saw people come and go. And it seemed they were really enjoyed the coffee shop.

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Latte $ 5.50

One big cup of latte served with a delicious petite biscuit. WANNA CUPPA serves award-winning Signature Blend coffee beans from Justin Metcalf World Barista JudgeTM. Definitely a perfect time to drink a perfect coffee at that rainy moment.


Ondeh Ondeh Cake $ 7.90

Love the ondeh ondeh cake. It’s a fluffy pandan sponge layers, sandwiched with a rich sweet gula melaka (palm sugar) mixture and finished off with a smooth coconut buttercream. Served with a sprinkle of gula melaka sugar crumbs and grated coconut on top. I found it not too sweet. Perfect companion for my latte.

IMG_5916 IMG_5915

Next time I go to Singapore I will visit this place for their savoury food. Please hubby take me there soon!

15 New Bridge Road
Clarke Quay
Singapore 059385
Phone: +65 6816 2494
IG: @wannacuppasg

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