Nebula Kuningan at Kantor Taman Mega Kuningan Jakarta

July 15th, 2017. I visited Nebula when they still in Ruci’s Joint, but I’ve never tried Nebula when in Bali. It’s my lucky day when Nebula at Mega Kuningan invited me to their Grand Opening. Yaaaay.


Minimalist design with quite spacious place, Nebula stole my heart with their hospitality. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know how many owners, but I met 4 of them at the time. Friendly people. I came before the event begun, since I wanted to take photos when nobody’s there. And I was stunned by their acceptance. They greeted me like a loyal customer despite the fact that it’s my first time. The warm ambiance made me felt very welcome. Definitely will be back. Pssst, they used Seniman Coffee.

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Honey Bee 35k

ginger, lime, mint, honey, orange

Love the welcome drink that they served for us at that time. Sweet and sour combination, very fresh.


Coffee Latte 30k

When I heard they used Seniman Coffee beans for their coffee, I ordered right away. It’s really really good, I missed Bali so very much.



Our Bartender’s nod to the current coffee craze hitting Indonesia by storm. This cocktail is inspired by the Manhattan but should have a strong after taste of coffee in the mouth.



Coconut and Pinacolada was a drink that is made to represent the beach island life with its combination of Coconut and Pinacolada. Pandanlada adds an Indonesian twist by adding Pandan to the recipe.



Nebula’s twist on Susu soda that is inspired by classical cocktail from the Caribbean. The classic recipe uses orange water as it is easily found in most Caribbean countries. Nebula change that to Rose Water that is a common ingredient in Indonesia.


Asem Kacang

Nebula’s twist to the classic whiskey sour. We toned down the sourness of this cocktail using locally sourced vanilla pod that we believe can even rival the famous Madagascar Vanila.


Tea Punch

Infused Tea is popular item on every restaurant. Try Nebula’s version that will surely kick you in the back of the head.


Spicy Corn

Inspired by Bali’s famous Jagung Bakar, this cocktail combined the sweet and spicy flavour profile that many enjoy during a day out at the beach.


I didn't try all of them, just a couple of the cocktails.
I think I only tried Rosita and Pandanlada.
And I prefer the Pandanlada than Rosita.
Next time I will try their Tea Punch.


Nasi Ayam Sambel Ijo


Nasi Kuning Campur


Nasi Goreng Sambal Matah


Nasi Ketoprak


I love how they presented the food.
The Nasi Ketoprak is very beautiful with kebab looks hahaha and tasted so good.
Love the nasi goreng. Not too spicy. Well-seasoned and flavourful.
I really love the way they served spicy food. Looks spicy but not too spicy.



Chicken Bulgogi

We use Korean technique of grilling, adding whole cloves of garlic, sliced onions, and chopped green peppers to compliment the grilled or fried meat. We serve Chicken Bulgogi with BAO as Nebula’s own adaption of comfort similar to what Koreans regard steamed rice as.


Soft Shell Crab

For this recipe, we went into Japanese style directions. We started with the idea of a classic wasabi mayo soft-shell crab. Crisp soft-shell crabs are bursting with tangy juices wrapped around with sweetness from BAO provides such an amazing flavour in your mouth. This Japanese-inspired gives the feeling of simple satisfaction without the feeling of getting lost in a puddle of taste.



Fish Satay

Our Balinese Chef, Gede, favourite authentic Balinese dish apart from Suckling Pig (Babi Guling) and Bebek Betutu. The delicate flavour of fish is greatly elevated when you find spears of fresh lemongrass to use as skewers. to bring out the true local taste, we cook them over a fire of coconut husks.


Beef Satay

This authentic beef satay recipe will blow you away with its abundant flavour and tenderness. The secret to good satay is all in the marinade, and this satay’s marinade is simply authentic since it has been passed down through generation over generation in Vietnam. This aromatic marinade features a special blend of fresh herbs and spices.



Chicken Dumpling

Having experiences authentic Yum Cha experience to Street food style, Chef Hans creates an a la carte Chinese-style dumpling with spicy Szechuan dressing.


Watercress Duck Salad

We have a serious week spot for crispy, delicate asian salads. At every Nebula’s culinary adventure, we always eat our ways through various kinds of greens. To us the magic happens when you combine crispy and fresh vegetables as delicate as possible with soft tender roasted duck, spicy flavours, Japanese fonzu dressing, and a huge load of fresh herbs. This one is our favourite dose of greens.


Squid Salted Egg

Singapore’s most sought out dish has find its ways to the city. Knowing that Singapore is a land of salted egg dishes, we interpret this dish by pairing it with green onion chili and ginger to create a subtle salted egg taste that leave you wanting for more.



Short Ribs Keluak Glaze

A dish that is inspired by our Executive Chef Thomas childhood in Surabaya – the strong rich tasting Indonesian beef black soup called Rawon was the inspiration behind this Short Ribs dish. It uses black nuts (keluak) as the main seasoning to give nutty flaour and dark colour to the sauce.


Lamb Shank Gulai

Last year Chef Hans travelled a lot to Sumatra and he redefines the Indian curry with Aceh style thick curry and Balinese style urap wing bean (kecipir) served with Lamb Shank. The curry will leave out the distinctive smell of Lamb and make your taste-buds totally surprised.


Chicken Betutu

Our Balinese Chef, Gede, took his foremother’s recipe from a village in Karangasem Bali and made it available for us to taste in this busy city filled with fusion dishes. The chicken is traditionally cooked in a banana leave traditional ways with lawar. It doesn’t get any traditional than this.


I don't know how they did the magic.
After tasting several types of food, I still couldn't find the ugliness of the food.
Hahahaha.. just kidding.. I'm not a food critic.
But it's totally true! All the food were delicious.
My favourite was.. err.. I mean, my favourites were everything!
Not being a kiss-up, I'm just telling the truth here.
Too bad, I didn't have a chance to try their salted egg squid.
I have no idea why my table was being skipped when they offered the salted egg squid.
And too bad I had to go elsewhere before I could ask for the food.
Anyway, please visit Nebula for food and coffee. You can ask me to join you.
I will be your company, happily.

Congratulations Nebula for the grand opening. Now I know where to go for delicious food and coffee.

Nebula Kuningan
Kantor Taman A9
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung lot. 8.9/A9
Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 812-9843-4601
IG: @nebula.kuningan