Super Loco at Pacific Place Mall Jakarta

May 30th, 2017. Finally I could try the latest establishment from Union Group. Super Loco. Collaboration with Loco group from Singapore, they served Mexican cuisines. Well, it’s not really my favourite kind of food. But, I heard they’re delicious. So, why didn’t I give it a try, right?


Divided into 2 areas. The first one is semi outdoor, the second one is indoor. I loved their semi outdoor area. They’re playing with colourful colours. Created such a cheerful ambiance. A bit different at the indoor area, a little bit more calm and elegant.

IMG_9114 IMG_9139 IMG_9112 IMG_9115 IMG_9111 IMG_9116 IMG_9110 IMG_9106 IMG_9117 IMG_9108 IMG_9109

Ice Lychee Tea

A refreshing drink at a hot day.



Atun Crudo 85k

tuna tartare, chipotle mayo, spiced avocado, corn crisps

Always love tuna tartare. Smooth and delicate with spicy flavour. Flavourful and well-seasoned. It’s really good for those who love tuna tartare. Served with corn crisps.

IMG_9122 IMG_9123


Tostada De Atun (2 pieces) 75k

torched tuna, fried onion, lime mayo, acovado, smoked sea salt

IMG_9124 IMG_9125


Never liked tacos. But I forced myself to try these gorgeous and lovely tacos.

IMG_9126 IMG_9127

Barbacoa 65k

slow roasted lamb, grilled tomato, mint, red onion salsa


Camaron 80k

crispy fried king prawns, al pastor mayo, grilled mango, lettuce


Chorizo Y Res 65k

smoked chorizo, braised beef brisket, spring onions, chipotle salsa, herbs


Pescado 80k

grilled snapper, achiote, onion salsa, lime, chipotle mayo


Albondigas 65k

meatballs, coriander, pomegranate salsa, cabbage, cheese


From those 5 tacos, I loved the Albondigas. Meatballs were always my favourite.
The other were also great, but not my favourites.
But I believe, everybody loves the tacos.
And for those who loved tacos, you should try them.


Salmon 170k

crispy skin salmon, charred jalapeno, tomatillo, pickled cucumber, sweet corn, ginseng leaves

OMG! The crispy skin salmon was dabomb. The salmon meat was also delicious. I think they presented the salmon in a great portion. Love the presentation with sweet corn and ginseng leaves. Pretty and lovely.

IMG_9134 IMG_9135


Choc Mint Tostada 60k

triple chocolate, mint ice cream, pecan crema

I didn’t really like mint flavour. So, when it’s coming to a mint dessert, I only tried a bit. Well, it’s a fresh dessert. Those who loved chocolate and mint, will definitely choose this one than the other.

IMG_9136 IMG_9137

Tres Leches 60k

three milks, vanilla bean, berries, milk ice cream, meringue, condensed milk

Mi favorito! The ingredients mixed perfectly in my mouth. You know, when snow married to cloud. I think it tasted like that. Super recommended!


Thanks Super Loco for the lovely lunch.

Super Loco
Pacific Place East Lobby
Ground floor Unit G-05D
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
SCBD, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 57973553
IG: @superlocojkt


Soto Kudus Blok M at Achmad Dahlan Jakarta

May 30th, 2017. I think it’s the first time I tried this Soto Kudus Blok M. Cindy asked me to join her to cafe-hopping in Achmad Dahlan area. Then after a visit to coffee shop, she told me about having lunch at soto kudus beside the coffee shop. I loved soto kudus, that’s why I instantly agreed with her.


Cindy and her family were their loyal customer. She said, it’s very delicious. The place surprised me with the AC. I thought it will be a hot restaurant. LOL. Silly me. It’s spacious with AC. Cool rite?

IMG_9094 IMG_9096 IMG_9095 IMG_9100

Es Teh 6k

IMG_9097 IMG_9099

Perkedel 6k

So in love with this perkedel. I ate 2 hahaha.. Yes, it was that good!


Sate Puyuh 8k


Soto Campur Kecil 16k

I used to eat soto kudus with my boss or my coworkers near our office. And I loved to order soto campur kecil. It’s soto with rice in a small bowl. And this soto campur kecil from soto kudus blok m was very good. Definitely will be back.

IMG_9092 IMG_9093

Soto Kudus Blok M
Jl. Kh. Achmad Dahlan No. 36
Kramat Pela, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7262135