Upnormal Coffee Roaster at Wahid Hasyim Menteng Jakarta

August 16th, 2017. My hubby took leave from his work. So I asked him to keep me company to this new coffee roaster in Menteng area. Upnormal Coffee Roaster was born in Bandung. It’s a new member of Warunk Upnormal. And finally it opened in Jakarta.


Indonesia is a Tropical Paradise for different premium types of The World’s Best Coffee, with different characters and flavour. One of our best specialities is Aceh Gayo 100% Arabica as a Grade-A coffee that awarded as one of the best coffee in the world. Our Aceh Gayo coffee beans originally comes from Gayo Highland, Sumatra, Indonesia and has been awarded as Fair Trade Certified ™ From International Organization Fair Trade on May 27, 2010. The special taste combines the Strong Character with the Typical Taste of Aceh Land aroma, flavor, and viscosity that brings them to be awarded by The International Conference on Coffee Science as The Best Arabica coffee beans in the world. Upnormal Coffee Roaster dedicate to the natural and organic process for Indonesian coffee.

At first I thought it must be related to Warunk Upnormal. When I arrived there, I was very sure. LOL. The place was spacious. There’re board games. And I met one of the owner there hahahahaa.. So yeah, I was pretty sure.

IMG_3356 IMG_3357 IMG_3367 IMG_3358 IMG_3359 IMG_3360 IMG_3362 IMG_3363 IMG_3366 IMG_3361 IMG_3364 IMG_3365

Caffe Latte 23k

I forgot to tell the barista to make it less coffee, since they used Arabica. I only sipped once, and I knew right away that I didn’t like it. I had no idea why, it’s just not my type. I tried to sip it again, and still didn’t like it. Maybe it’s too acid for me. Well, I will give them a try next time. 🙂


Roti Butter Special Upnormal 18k

Two slices of butter bread. And it was very delicious. It’s indeed very sweet, but it’s really good. The texture was good. I thought it will be slices of bread with a simple spread of butter. Just like that. Turned out the butter was very generous. Recommended!

IMG_3369 IMG_3370 IMG_3371

Roti Nutella 18k

It’s just like any other nutella bread. Too bad I was very full, so I took it away and ate it at home. It’s generous nutella spread with still fluffy texture of the bread. If you like nutella, you should try this one too.

IMG_3372 IMG_3373 IMG_3374

Congratulations Upnormal for the opening.

Upnormal Coffee Roaster
Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim No. 79-81
Menteng, Jakarta
IG: @upnormalroaster

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