Dotto Coffee at Benda Kemang Jakarta

December 7th, 2017. I knew about this new coffee shop from Danny’s IG. It’s actually Danny’s coffee shop. Yaaaay. Congrats Dan. Dotto Coffee. Named after the Japanese pronunciation of the word “dot”, Dotto Coffee is very unique with + sign, x sign and o sign stamped at the cups.


Located under Duetto Nail.Lash.Brow & Academy, Dotto is a petite place with cute ambiance. Friendly baristas and pretty owner greeted us when we came inside. They have 2 tables with capacity for 8 people, and 2 seats in front of the coffee bar. Just nice.

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Miruku 22k

served in cold, house blend recipe, local source brown sugar

Super love with this drink. It’s not too sweet, with milky texture but not too creamy. Just perfect for my taste bud. And please don’t take photos too long, the melted ice cubes definitely will change the flavour.


Tea by Kaya Tea: Honey Berry Sweet

Best drink at the day! Kaya Tea is a new brand to my ear. And I thought it’s just like any other tea. Turned out, it was super good. The tea was refreshing, thirst-quenching, and I guess, it’s addicting. My hubby’s opinion was the same. He said, “It’s really really nice. Fresh tea on this hot day.” Recommended!!


Avogato 40k

single shot espresso, organic avocado ice cream

Danny gave me this as complimentary. Too bad, I just realized they used avocado ice cream. Errrr.. never liked avocado. When they told me to give it to hubby, I said, “He never liked coffee.” LOL. So sorry Danny, I have to turn down the complimentary. Next time please use chocolate ice cream hahahaha..


Congratulations Dotto. Hope to see more outlets, please!

Dotto Coffee
Jl. Benda No.54 B
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone: +62 812-9462-7670