Nishimura Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel Sudirman Jakarta

March 24th, 2018. Finally, we had a chance to try Shangri-La hotel’s Japanese restaurant, Nishimura. It’s our first time there. We were so excited. We came on time, then they escorted us to our table. Comfortable place with wooden furnitures. Japanese atmosphere all over the place. The restaurant is very spacious. I think I willContinue reading “Nishimura Restaurant at Shangri-La Hotel Sudirman Jakarta”

[EVENT] Rosso’s Christmas Eve and Day set menu at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

November 14th, 2017. OMG I totally forgot to make review about this one. I was invited to Rosso to try their Christmas menus. And I will tell you about it right now. *sorry Ami for the late review* Actually I loved the way they decorated the table situation for the Christmas decorations. You can seeContinue reading “[EVENT] Rosso’s Christmas Eve and Day set menu at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta”

[HOTEL] Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta – Horizon Club Room

March 25th, 2017 – March 26th, 2017 I was very happy when I got a chance to stay at one of my favourite hotels. It’s coincided with Earth Hour event. It was such a great opportunity and amazing experience. So, that night, my hubby and I enjoyed our staycation, even though it’s not really farContinue reading “[HOTEL] Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta – Horizon Club Room”

Sunday Brunch at Rosso Italian Restaurant Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

March 19th, 2017. I love Italian food. Lasagna, always my favourite. And now, I found new love. Risotto! Risotto is a northern Italian rice dish cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency. Hmmm.. mouth-watering, right? And that Sunday, I came back to one of favourite Italian restaurant. Rosso. Rosso offers down-to-earth, yet authentic, SouthernContinue reading “Sunday Brunch at Rosso Italian Restaurant Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta”

SATOO at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

October 4th, 2016. One fine day. I woke up and prepared myself for a visit to one of the best buffet place in town. I always love this place. They have everything, I guess. I don’t remember how many times I went there for their buffet. But I remember the first time I went toContinue reading “SATOO at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta”

[EVENT] Supreme Brunch at Satoo and Shang Palace Shangri-La Jakarta

April 3rd, 2016. Shangri-La Hotel invited #DailyFoodSeeker to an over-the-top experience of the hotel’s latest brunch extravagance, “Supreme Brunch”, a monthly culinary carnival available every first Sunday of the month. SATOO and Shang Palace, the two most sought-after brunch venues at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta have joined forces to present a huge landscape for fellow foodContinue reading “[EVENT] Supreme Brunch at Satoo and Shang Palace Shangri-La Jakarta”