KUPPIE Coffee at STC Senayan Jakarta

March 28th, 2017. After spending free vouchers at one big mall in Senayan area, we visited STC Senayan and dropped by at one of coffee shop there. Ivan told me about this one. Too bad he couldn’t come with us at the time. It’s a small place with dim light and intimate ambiance. KUPPIE.


When I came in, I wasn’t expecting anything. Well, it’s a small coffee shop in a not-so-crowded mall. But I love how they decorated the place. Lots of vintage things. They also didn’t have wifi, like the other coffee shops hahaha.. They put a sign in front of their coffee machine, written: Pretend it’s 1845. We don’t know WI-FI. LOL. Also they have this separate area, I think you can call it private room. Quite comfy.

IMG_5441 IMG_5455 IMG_5449 IMG_5443 IMG_5445 IMG_5446 IMG_5442 IMG_5444 IMG_5454

Iced Lychee Tea 27k


Cafe Latte 35k

I asked them to make my coffee light. As usual, right? Then they put secret blend in it *wink wink* Well, don’t underestimate my photo. It’s dark in there, and I wasn’t in a great mood to find sunlight. So pardon my photo, but it’s one of the best coffee for me. I don’t know about you guys, but for me, yes, it’s that good! The after taste was the ace. Try it by yourself, then judge me. Hihihihi.. Kidding.. No judging please.


Croissant Ovomaltine 28k

It’s delicious but nothing really really special in it. Just a croissant with ovomaltine filling. But, it’s good. *munch munch*


For those who love quiet place with classic ambiance, you can visit this coffee shop. They open 10 to 8 only Monday to Saturday.

STC Senayan GF/56
Jl. Asia Afrika Gate IX
Gelora Senayan, Jakarta
Phone: +62 813-8472-2218
IG: @kuppie_coffee