Bottlenose Coffee, Burgushi & Eatlah at PHX Grogol Jakarta

March 23rd, 2017. A rainy day. But a very beautiful day because I planned to hang out with my lil sis since morning. We went to noodle place, then a new coffee shop, and finally reach PHX at Grogol area. We tried 3 different outlets. PHX. I still didn’t get it why PHX. I thinkContinue reading “Bottlenose Coffee, Burgushi & Eatlah at PHX Grogol Jakarta”

SANA Coffee at SANA House Panglima Polim Jakarta

April 5th, 2017. I heard about this place 2 weeks ago. And I had a chance today to visit the place. So, Cindy and I went to the venue after Darmawangsa area. It’s not far from there. We took online car and only 7k to go there from the previous place. *dancing happy happy* SANA Coffee.Continue reading “SANA Coffee at SANA House Panglima Polim Jakarta”

Maoki Coffee & Food at Darmawangsa Square Jakarta

April 5th, 2017. Today I planned to go to a new place that open their latest outlet in PIM. So, when I asked Cindy to come with me, she agreed happily hahaha. Then we planned everything the night before. Of course we planned in front of Aline, since she cannot come. We wanted to includeContinue reading “Maoki Coffee & Food at Darmawangsa Square Jakarta”