[HOTEL] Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta – Horizon Club Room

March 25th, 2017 – March 26th, 2017 I was very happy when I got a chance to stay at one of my favourite hotels. It’s coincided with Earth Hour event. It was such a great opportunity and amazing experience. So, that night, my hubby and I enjoyed our staycation, even though it’s not really farContinue reading “[HOTEL] Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta – Horizon Club Room”

JIA Contemporary Chinese Dining by Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

January 8th, 2017. I still remember when Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta invited us to enjoy last dinner at Shang Palace. I couldn’t come, but it’s really an honour for me to be invited there. Well it’s their last dinner because they wanted to renovate and rebrand the restaurant. Well, I was so sad because it’s whereContinue reading “JIA Contemporary Chinese Dining by Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta”

[EVENT] Satoo Garden Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

June 16th, 2015. Satoo Garden Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta invited us for introducing their Ramadhan Shisha Tent. I’ve never tried Shisha. Yes, it’s my first time. I read about shisha a long time ago. I thought it’s like some marijuana LOL. But I know now that it’s not. Hahaha.. Ok, back to Satoo Garden. I met someContinue reading “[EVENT] Satoo Garden Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta”

[EVENT] Rosso Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta

February 7th, 2015. Rosso. It’s been a while since I was at Rosso. Last time I was here with my buddies, celebrating my best friend’s winning a competition. And I was here, again. Met their Italian chef, Chef Paolo Gionfriddo. Always nice to meet a friendly and low profile chef like him. Btw, you canContinue reading “[EVENT] Rosso Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta”

Rosso Shangri-La Hotel Sudirman Jakarta

April 12th, 2014. Rosso introduced its new Italian chef, Paolo Gionfriddo. Oh wait, I never mentioned Rosso before right? Yup, it’s my first time there. What is Rosso? Rosso is an elegant, contemporary fine dining Italian restaurant and a lounge located within the luxurious Shangri-La Jakarta. The entrance to Rosso is located at the lobby level ofContinue reading “Rosso Shangri-La Hotel Sudirman Jakarta”

Classic High Tea Shangri-La Sudirman Jakarta

March 25th, 2014. I went to Shangri-La to try their Classic High Tea at Lobby Lounge. I always love their Lobby Lounge. Spacious, classy but not intimidating. And it’s a comfortable place to have high tea with friends or family. The Classic High Tea is available from 3 to 6 in the afternoon. It wasContinue reading “Classic High Tea Shangri-La Sudirman Jakarta”