[PONTIANAK] Nasi Akwang at Arteri Supadio Pontianak West Kalimantan

October 5th, 2017. Started my culinary journey in West Kalimantan. My plane flew to Pontianak first, then we had our lunch at Nasi Akwang. I knew about Nasi Akwang a couple days before when someone posted about their new outlet in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta.


It’s the nearest outlet from Supadio Airport. Since we had to go directly to Singkawang, we didn’t go to the centre of the city. Just stopped by at Nasi Akwang and enjoyed our lunch. The place is spacious, with typical chinese restaurant atmosphere. Clean restaurant with very traditional ambiance. Their menu were only nasi ayam and nasi tim.

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Nasi Campur 43k

Nasi Campur Akwang is a mixed rice consisting of rice, char siew, pork sausage, roasted pork, boiled egg, pickled mustard greens, cucumber, roasted chicken/duck. And then, they drizzled the rice with thick savory broth. Not clear soup like at Nasi Campur  Jakarta. And it was super delish! The mixed of the ingredients enhanced the flavour each other.


Nasi Tim 45k

When it came to my table, I didn’t see any difference from the nasi campur hahahahhahaha.. They just replaced the rice with steamed chicken rice. More savoury for sure. But similar taste with the nasi campur hahahaha..


Definitely a recommended place to taste nasi campur for sure. Will be back when I’m in Pontianak.

Nasi Akwang
Jl. Arteri Supadio
Sungai Raya, Pontianak
Phone: +62 561 724174
IG: @nasiakwang

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