[HOTEL] Ayaka Suites – Junior Suite Room

August 26th, 2017 – August 27th, 2017.

My 2nd staycation at Ayaka Suites. I was very happy. This time, I was with Hans, Aline and Cindy. Yaaaay. Our first staycation together. I wanted to have staycation with them since forever. LOL.


Well, I don’t wanna bore you with my chitty-chatty. You can see my previous review HERE and HERE and HERE. Last time they got me Grand Deluxe Room. This time we stayed in Junior Suite Room. Marvelous!

Junior Suite Room

32 sqm
King Size Bed
private pantry equipped with microwave and sink
private dining table for 2 persons
separate bedroom and living room area

Private pantry with living room. We were so happy. We came first, after shopping at a bakery nearby. Then, one by one, they came. Gathered in my room, because I kept their room key cards hahahaha. We ate bread and snacks for a while before got some rest. The bed was comfortable. And I loved their sofa in the living room too. Very cosy. Pssst, at midnight, Cindy went to Nasi Uduk Gaul Ibu Wiri with her brother. And I got one portion of nasi uduk yaaaaaaay. Since my hubby was asleep, I ate at the dining table near living room. Superb!

IMG_3786 IMG_3787 IMG_3788 IMG_3805 IMG_3789 IMG_3793 IMG_3790 IMG_3791 IMG_3792

Snack Time

Before dinner, my cousin and his wife asked us to go to Kayu Manis Restaurant, to have drinks and snacks. We met there, and turned out Hans couldn’t have dinner with us. So I recommended them to try the four cheese pizza and chicken ragout risoles. Those are the best dishes *for me* for after lunch and before dinner. LOL.

IMG_3812 IMG_3811 IMG_3814

Dinner Time

For dinner, I let them chose the food from the menu. I told them, “Please order the signature menus for us.” That night, we ate dinner with happy face. Those were delicious.

Red Chicken 49.5k

Marinated crispy chicken in red sauce


Hot Stone Galbi 203.5k

Must try! Mouth watering marinated bulkalbi


Tom Yum Prime Soup 165k

Spicy Tom Yum with refreshing young coconut water as the soup base with King prawn shrimp, served with inside whole coconut


Chicken Skewer 77k

Chicken and paprika skewers


Brownies 44k

Served with vanilla ice cream


Pancake 44k

With brown sugar & cinammon filling served with vanilla ice cream & rice malt syrup layered with homemade maple syrup


Deep Fried Ice Cream 44k

served with black dark chocolate sauce


OMG! I love the Tom Yum Prime Soup and Hot Stone Galbi.
They were so delicious I wanted to cry!!
Then they served 3 portions of desserts.
I loved their brownies. Cakey on the outside and fudgy in the middle.
Perfect companion to the vanilla ice cream.
I got high expectation to the fried ice cream.
Turned out, it just okay. Nothing really special.


Buffet breakfast! Yaaaay! We sat together. We talked. We laughed. We filled our tummy with delicious food. But the most important thing, we had fun. Anyway, we can eat our breakfast inside or outside, near the pool.

IMG_3853 IMG_3855 IMG_3856 IMG_3857 IMG_3858 IMG_3859

Executive Lounge

Before we checked-out, I took Cindy to their executive lounge and meeting room. It was a nice place for you to have your me-time.  Such a comfortable lounge.

IMG_3874 IMG_3875 IMG_3876 IMG_3877

Thank you Ayaka Suites for the lovely staycation. Cannot wait for another staycation hahahaha..

Ayaka Suites
Jl. Karet Pedurenan No. 45
Setiabudi, Jakarta
Phone: 021-29037380/021-29037390
IG: @ayakasuites

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