Kata Kata eattomeet at Pluit Karang Timur Jakarta

June 25th, 2017. We’re in Neo SOHO mall when Hans asked me to join him to a new venue near Muara Karang. I saw their Instagram and asked hubby to take us there. He agreed. Yaaay. So after we finished our late lunch, we drove to Kata Kata. It’s quite hard to find the place, and the map wasn’t helping at all. LOL. Then, we called.. Finally. Hahaha..


Kata Kat: a place for eattomeet. Kata Kata: a place to gather with family, friends, relatives, colleagues or meet new people.

The place wasn’t very spacious, but it’s comfortable enough to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, or just hang out for coffee with buddies. It’s their second day. When we arrived, it’s already very very crowded and noisy. Good thing, they’re already finished. And we could enjoy our early dinner in peace. But not for a long time, because around 5:30pm there’s a family with 2 kids, screaming all the time. LOL. There you go again, my peaceful moment. Well, I didn’t blame the place. It’s the family! Hahaha..

IMG_0490 IMG_0511 IMG_0521 IMG_0491 IMG_0522 IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0501 IMG_0500 IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0499 IMG_0494


IMG_0497 IMG_0498

Ice Cappuccino 27k

Hans ordered this one, and he said to me that it’s too watery. Need improvement.


Ice Chocolate drinks 27k

The ice chocolate was also too watery. Yup, too much water. I needed a creamy ice chocolate with rich texture and flavourful.


Shaken Ice Tea Strawberry 25k

It’s just strawberry ice tea. Nothing special.


Salted Egg Rice Bowl 45k

selection of roasts: Roast Pork | stemaed fragrant rice | scrambled egg | confit shitake mushroom | salted egg sauce

Love the roast pork. Love the texture of the rice also. But needed more flavour for the salted egg sauce. It’s creamy but we couldn’t find the salted egg sauce in the rice bowl. Too bad. It’s just like a pork rice bowl. Hope next time will be better.

IMG_0507 IMG_0508

Our XL Cheeseburger 65k

caramelized onion | 125 gram ground beef | mozarella and slice cheddar | sweet potato chips | sunny side up | bbq sauce | creamy mushroom | fresh lettuce

A little bit disappointed with the presentation. We thought the cheese was melted and the beef was super juicy. Turned out, it’s only slice cheddar and the beef was quite tasteless. Served with hand-cut fries, which also flavourless. *sobbing* It’s not just me. Hans also felt that way too. Well, maybe next time they will make it a better cheeseburger with melted cheese and super juicy beef. *praying hard*

IMG_0518 IMG_0520 IMG_0517

Cheese Loaded Meat Fries 45k

waffle potato fries | sous vide shredded beef | coriander leaf | jalapeno pickle | cheese sauce

Super love! This cheese loaded meat fries was exactly what’s in my mind. Flavourful shredded beef with perfect texture of the waffle potato fries. They have my permission to add the cheese sauce hahaha.. Super recommended!

IMG_0505 IMG_0506

Congratulations for the opening, Kata Kata. Sorry for my honest review, but I hope you can improve more. I will be back to try your other dishes. Congrats again!

Kata Kata
Muara Karang blok O 8 T No.59
Jl. Pluit Karang Indah Timur
Pluit, Jakarta
Phone: +62815-8063-838
IG: @katakata_eattomeet