Walking Drums at Pati Unus Kebayoran Jakarta

June 9th, 2017. OMG! It’s been too long since I went to Walking Drums. Actually, I had a breakfasting event there with Aline, so I waited for her, and sat there a little while.


I loved their outdoor. It’s not big, but comfortable. The indoor was actually not too cosy, but it’s better for non smoking area. Friendly people and delicious food. What could go wrong?

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Hazelnut Latte 35k

Love the hazelnut latte. I think they have one of the best latte I’ve ever tried. Perfect texture with perfect taste.


Carrot Cake 20k

Trust me! It’s super recommended! I never liked carrot cake, but their carrot cake, so far, the best for me. It was moist and soft and fluffy with not too sweet flavour but perfectly delish. Super duper recommended!


They opened new outlet in Kemang area. Definitely a must visit place. Anyway, congrats for the opening!

Walking Drums
Jl. Patiunus Blok F4
Kebayoran Baru
Phone: +62 21 27515536
IG: @walkingdrums

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