Animo Bakery – Animo Bread Culture – at Cipete Jakarta

May 17th, 2017. I heard about Animo a long long time ago, when Aline brought me my first canele. I remember that she said it’s Animo Bakery in Kemang area. And it’s one of the best canele I’ve ever tried. *hug Aline* Well, after years, she told me that Animo’s ice coffee was also good. That’s why when Cindy asked me to join her to Animo Bakery. And I said YES! *wedding bells rang* LOL just kidding!


Located not in Kemang anymore, I just informed that they moved around March 2017 to Cipete area. It’s not spacious area but quite comfortable. They have tiny outdoor area and teensy-weensy indoor area. LOL. Yes, they’re quite small. When you came inside, you will see pastries in the display with petite seats. And once in a while, you will see those pastries came from their kitchen. OMG. Best moments. Hahaha.. Btw, below you will find blurry photos. I still upload them because they’re still look good hahahaha.. Pardon my weirdness..

IMG_8083 IMG_8081 IMG_8082 IMG_8097 IMG_8086 IMG_8089 IMG_8088 IMG_8087 IMG_8096 IMG_8095 IMG_8106 IMG_8091 IMG_8090 IMG_8105 IMG_8092 IMG_8109 IMG_8108 IMG_8107

Es Kopi Susu Animo 17k

I love their ice coffee. Not too sweet, not too creamy, not too watery, not too thick. Just perfect. Of course, I asked for less coffee. But it didn’t change the flavour. It’s still very very good. I think one of the best.

IMG_8099 IMG_8102

Donat Empuk Gemes 6k

What a cute name. It’s literally empuk and gemes. Empuk means soft, tender, fluffy. Gemes means feeling when we see something is so cute. And this doughnut was fluffy and cute hahaha. Love the buttery texture and it’s addicting!


Banana Chocolate Croissant 10k

Flaky croissant with banana chocolate flavour. There’s nothing to complain. And it’s not pricey!


Baked Cheese Tart 13k

Sweet and creamy with perfect texture. Love it.


Definitely will be back! Psst, you will find a lot of go-food drivers there.


Animo Bakery
Jl. Cipete I No.6 A
Cilandak, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 22769595
IG: @animobakery

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