Plataran Menteng at H.O.S. Cokroaminoto Jakarta

May 13th, 2017. Finally, the wait is over. Plataran opened in Menteng area. It’s called Plataran Menteng. I went there last month for an event. I fell in love with every detail of the place.


I was impressed. The second time I was there, I was still amazed by the beautiful interior. Formerly, it was residence of a gynaecologist, Dr. Lukito Husodo. Then, Plataran Menteng took over and renovated the entire building, added another 2 floors. The first and second level was for non-smoking dining area, and some VIP rooms. The third level was for smoking area and a private area.

IMG_7809 IMG_7814 IMG_7804 IMG_7802 IMG_7808 IMG_7810 IMG_7816 IMG_7800 IMG_7819 IMG_7801 IMG_7817 IMG_7818 IMG_7811 IMG_7806 IMG_7820 IMG_7821 IMG_7824 IMG_7826 IMG_7825 IMG_7827 IMG_7822 IMG_7829 IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7832 IMG_7833 IMG_7834 IMG_7835 IMG_7836 IMG_7837 IMG_7838 IMG_7839 IMG_7841 IMG_7840

The Salt 69k

Lemon, orange, pineapple, pomegranate and tonic

IMG_7843 IMG_7872

Es Campur


Selada Prabu 149k

Braised beef shank with pomelo, jicama, guava and mango slaw served with special dressing

IMG_7866 IMG_7857

Salad Jantung Pisang 69k

Banana blossom, sprouts and chicken with tangy mild curry relish

IMG_7858 IMG_7859

Bola-Bola Cokro 115k

Chicken squid ball with special peanut sauce

IMG_7862 IMG_7863

Kari Ayam Deli 125k

Chicken curry with roti prata

IMG_7867 IMG_7868

Kerapu Menteng 70k/ounce

Crunchy grouper, mint leaves, basil, ginger flower, shallot, red onion, lemongrass with spicy tamarind sauce and ground toasted rice

IMG_7860 IMG_7861

Udang Sriwedari 195k

King prawn, paprika, onion in yellow curry

IMG_7864 IMG_7865

Pisang Goreng Lombok 49k

Banana stripes with chili relish

IMG_7870 IMG_7871

Pisang Bakar Plataran 52k

Grilled banana with cheddar rosti

IMG_7874 IMG_7875

From 8 dishes that I tried, my favourite were all of them. LOL.
Well, Bola-Bola Cokro was addicting. Tender and flavourful. Very delicious.
Next visit, it's a must-order dish.
Udang Sriwedari. OMG! It was super recommended!
Thank goodness, I could ask for warm rice. Hooray!!
The king prawn was big and very juicy with appetizing flavour.
And for the dessert, I chose Pisang Bakar Plataran.
Served with a decadent caramel sauce, this Pisang Bakar Plataran is a perfect dessert.
Mix of sweet and salty. Recommended dessert!

Congratulations Plataran Menteng. Lovely place with delighful food. Great job!

Plataran Menteng
Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto No. 42
Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 29627771
IG: @platarandining