Maze Kitchen at Synthesis Square Tower 2 Gatot Subroto Jakarta

May 22nd, 2017. I didn’t have anything to do, so I guess that’s why I went to Maze Kitchen. I ordered online car and got ready in a minute. It’s been so good to leave my bed at that time hahaha.. I planned to go with friends, but they’re not available. So, maybe next time. It’s not far from my home.


Located on lobby level of Synthesis Square tower 2, Maze Kitchen awed me with the gorgeous entrance. High ceiling and glass windows. I wonder what other impressions they could give me. They divided into 3 areas. The beautiful smoking area. The satisfying dining area. And the established private area for 12 pax. Love the coffee bar too. And the people were polite and friendly. Such a humble place. I talked to the marketing there, and she said that it’s the sister of Wyl’s Kitchen on Veranda Hotel. Hmm I should visit the place, I guess. 🙂

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Tropical Twister 42k

peach halves, orange sunkist, lychee whole, pomegranate fruits and coconut water

Thirst-quencher! Pretty in presentation too.

IMG_8437 IMG_8438

Fried Chicken Popcorn 35k

Before they served the main course, I chose to eat starter first. From several options, I chose fried chicken popcorn. I didn’t want my tummy became too full. The main course that I ordered sounded big enough for my tummy hahaha.. Well, the texture of this chicken popcorn was great. Love the taste of the mayonnaise. It enhanced the delicious flavour to the dish.

IMG_8435 IMG_8436

Sambal Ijo Grilled Rice with Succulent Beef Ribs 65k

Beautiful presentation. The aromatic grilled rice and succulent beef ribs suddenly gave an impeccable impression to my taste bud. I was in the middle of lunch time and dinner time. But I think it’s really good to eat good meal at the time. That’s why I came to Maze Kitchen and ordered this lovely dish. The texture of the grilled rice and the tender beef ribs with a spicy hint from the sambal ijo, gave me such a luscious experience. Recommended.

IMG_8439 IMG_8440 IMG_8441

Ginger Tea Creme Brulee 40k

A sugary gesture from Maze Kitchen. It was a different kind of creme brulee. They used ginger tea. Extraordinary. A spicy hint and sweet flavour from the ginger and vanilla that infused to the creme brulee custard, made this dessert taste wonderful. I recommended this dessert! Totally!

IMG_8448 IMG_8451

Congratulations Maze Kitchen. Keep up the good work.

Maze Kitchen
Synthesis Square Tower 2
Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 64 No. 177A
Phone: +62 21 8317782
IG: @mazekitchen

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