Djournal Coffee at Gandaria City Mall Jakarta

June 20th, 2017. 2 weeks ago I saw Djournal Coffee at Gandaria City, but hasn’t opened yet. When I had another event at Gancit, I saw that Djournal finally opened. Lucky me, Shalita asked me to meet up there, yaaaaay.


DJOURNAL COFFEE is Djakarta-based coffee purveyor committed to brewing the best coffees available. At Djournal, Coffee is king—but it’s still the relationships with their loyal customers (aka ‘Djournalists’) and their passion for coffee that really keeps them going. Djournal Coffee aspires that for all ‘Djournalists’, if their house was their first home and their work was their second home, all Djournal establishments would be known to be their ‘third home’ where they can collect a smile and daily memorable experiences. These memorable experiences are an accumulation from the coffee, barista, and the whole ambience. At Djournal, customers can enjoy various coffees with different brewing methods; cakes and pastries; and also choices of main course. Djournal Coffee’s interior is designed to create a homey and down-to-earth ambiance; a reminder that coffee is a product from earth that is always grounded and humble.

I don’t have to write anything about Djournal Coffee. People always put a good words upon Djournal. This outlet wasn’t as spacious as the others, but it’s pretty comfy. Let me show you around through my photos.

IMG_0210 IMG_0217 IMG_0224 IMG_0214 IMG_0211 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0221 IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0222 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0220 IMG_0215 IMG_0216

Honey Lemongrass Fizz

It’s a thirst-quenching drink. Not too sweet, even tend to be sour. It’s for Ramadan month.


Ovo Milo Cake

Actually I didn’t remember the name. So sorry, it’s been a month. Too many places to be reviewed. Forgive me! I will speed up my work. Anyway, this cake is very delicious. There’s crunchy in it that make it so good. Sweet and delightful.

IMG_0229 IMG_0231

Congratulations Djournal Coffee for the opening. Keep up the good work.

Djournal Coffee
Gandaria City Ground Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 27081866
IG: @djournalcoffee

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