[MEMPAWAH] Warung Kopi Kita at Mempawah Sungai Pinyuh West Kalimantan

October 5th, 2017. From Pontianak, we continued our journey to Singkawang. It was a 3 hours trip. So, when we had chance to find food and drinks, we stopped. Our driver was a little bit sleepy I guess, he asked to stop by at Warung Kopi Kita. And we ordered food and drinks too.


The place is spacious. I think a lot of people visited the place to get some rest. As i said before, trip from Pontianak to Singkawang or from Singkawang to Pontianak is around 3 hours. Anyway, they are selling coffee and snacks. I didn’t order much, but coffee and traditional snack from Kalimantan.

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Es Kopi Susu 10k

It was surprisingly good! The texture was rich with sweet flavour. It was really really good on a hot weather day. So, if you happen to be there, don’t forget to their their “es kopi susu.” Trust me. Worth every sip.


Peng Kang 4k

Pengkang is a signature snack from West Kalimantan that is similar to lemper, made of sticky rice, ebi and radish, in the form of triangle and wrapped in banana leaves. It was the first time I tried Peng Kang, and it’s quite alright. A new sensation of lemper. Nice!

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Warung Kopi Kita
Jl. Mempawah 50
Sui Pinyuh, West Kalimantan

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