MG IND.USTRIE at Street Gallery Pondok Indah Jakarta

May 14th, 2017. I had an event at Pondok Indah. After we wanted to go home after the event, we walked pass a coffee shop. I remember I was there once, long time ago. And the name was different back then. Now its called MG IND.USTRIE. Turned out, Morning Glory Coffee collaborated with IND.USTRIE, and became MG IND.USTRIE. Cool.


We loved the place. It’s comfortable with enjoyable atmosphere. At first I wanted to visit the place the next time we go to Pondok Indah Mall, but hubby said, “Why not now? It’s in front of us.” So yeah, we stopped by for a little while.

IMG_7978 IMG_7979 IMG_7980 IMG_7981 IMG_7982 IMG_7983 IMG_7984 IMG_7985

Latte 35k

1/3 espresso 2/3 milk

the coffee was delicious. i loved it. it’s a little bit bitter, with rich texture and darling flavour.


Lime Shock 48k

in it for a burst of lime flavour

shocking lime! the name reflects the taste. it’s really shocking. the burst of the lime flavour managed to make my brain awake all day long hahaha..

IMG_7987 IMG_7988

Banana Tower 45k

bitesized banana topped with shaved chocolate and cheese

love the presentation. tower of banana. but too bad it tasted sour. i prefer a sweet banana, for sure. that’s why i asked for the chocolate rice to maintain the sweet of it. but, other than that, it’s good.

IMG_7990 IMG_7989 IMG_7991

Street Gallery Pondok Indah
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Phone: +62 21 29529715
IG: @mgindustrie