MG IND.USTRIE at Street Gallery Pondok Indah Jakarta

May 14th, 2017. I had an event at Pondok Indah. After we wanted to go home after the event, we walked pass a coffee shop. I remember I was there once, long time ago. And the name was different back then. Now its called MG IND.USTRIE. Turned out, Morning Glory Coffee collaborated with IND.USTRIE, and became MG IND.USTRIE. Cool.


We loved the place. It’s comfortable with enjoyable atmosphere. At first I wanted to visit the place the next time we go to Pondok Indah Mall, but hubby said, “Why not now? It’s in front of us.” So yeah, we stopped by for a little while.

IMG_7978 IMG_7979 IMG_7980 IMG_7981 IMG_7982 IMG_7983 IMG_7984 IMG_7985

Latte 35k

1/3 espresso 2/3 milk

the coffee was delicious. i loved it. it’s a little bit bitter, with rich texture and darling flavour.


Lime Shock 48k

in it for a burst of lime flavour

shocking lime! the name reflects the taste. it’s really shocking. the burst of the lime flavour managed to make my brain awake all day long hahaha..

IMG_7987 IMG_7988

Banana Tower 45k

bitesized banana topped with shaved chocolate and cheese

love the presentation. tower of banana. but too bad it tasted sour. i prefer a sweet banana, for sure. that’s why i asked for the chocolate rice to maintain the sweet of it. but, other than that, it’s good.

IMG_7990 IMG_7989 IMG_7991

Street Gallery Pondok Indah
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Phone: +62 21 29529715
IG: @mgindustrie


Amypond Cafe Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall Jakarta

December 24th, 2016. The afternoon before Christmas Eve. We were on our way to staycation near Pondok Indah area. Yet, we were so hungry that we decided to drop in Pondok Indah Mall. We walked along the street gallery to find something to eat. And then I saw this place. I never heard of this one, so I googled the place and found out that it was new. So we opted to visit this one. Amypond Cafe.


Located on the Street Gallery’s bridge to the mall, it’s very easy to find. Just the opposite of Starbucks. It was nuanced in blue and white. A simple colours with calm and modest atmosphere. On the left side was the non-smoking area with coffee bar. On the right side was the smoking area with the kitchen.

IMG_1630 IMG_1637 IMG_1639 IMG_1638 IMG_1631 IMG_1634 IMG_1635 IMG_1636

Iced Lychee Tea 35k

Delicious, as always. 🙂


Red Velvet Latte 40k

Nice red velvet latte for accompanying my lunch time. Not too creamy and not too sweet. Just perfect.


Nasi Goreng Kebuli 62k

At first, hubby wanted to order pasta. We were afraid the kebuli fried rice was spicy. But then, the chef told us that it could come with no spicy. So we ordered this one. And it was one nice fried rice. Generous meat with flavourful rice. One recommended dish.

IMG_1641 IMG_1642

Chicken Cordon Bleu 60k

Smoked Beef and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast, Parmesan Cream Sauce, Mashed Potato

When it came to our table, we were stunned. The presentation was amazingly cute. Shaped like a sphere, on top of mashed potato, covered with parmesan cream sauce. Such an appetizing dish. The smoked beef was tender, and the chicken breast was tasty. My favourite was the mashed potato. Well-seasoned with fluffy texture. Super recommended!

IMG_1645 IMG_1646 IMG_1647

Absolutely will be back for another dishes.

Amypond Cafe
Pondok Indah Mall 1
Street Gallery
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Phone: +62 21 29529744
IG: @amypondjakarta

[RELOCATED] Twelve Cupcakes Kota Kasablanka Jakarta

First, I would like to tell you a little bit about Twelve Cupcakes.

Twelve Cupcakes opened its doors in July 2011 and has since grown rapidly with overwhelming response from its passionate customers. The reason for its strong following, is their brand promise to deliver only freshly baked cupcakes that are handmade from scratch daily. Coupled with the use of quality gourmet ingredients, they do not cut corners in creating the perfect cupcake that is suited to the Asian palate.

Founded by local celebrity couple Daniel and Jaime Teo, Twelve Cupcakes quickly made its name known to the masses. Daniel Ong was a radio DJ and TV host for 18 years. Jaime Teo was Miss Singapore Universe 2001 as well as a TV personality for 10 years. Baking is Jaime’s passion and she is the creator of all the recipes – in fact, both Daniel and Jaime made the first 10,000 cupcakes in their first outlet at United Square! In just 18 months, 8 outlets have sprung up in shopping malls across Singapore, and over a million Twelve Cupcakes’ cupcakes have been sold.

Now, Twelve Cupcakes has arrived in Indonesia. Yaaaaaay!! Their first outlet opened at Central Park oin April 2013. Second outlet was at Kuningan City in May 2013. Then Kota Kasablanka and Pondok Indah Mall Street Gallery in July 2013. The latest, Emporium Pluit Mall in September 2013. The next one will be opening at Pacific Place. Can’t wait!!!


September 29th, 2013. I was so lucky that I was invited to Kota Kasablanka Outlet to pick up a dozen cupcakes complimentary from Twelve Cupcakes. Facts: Kota Kasablanka Outlet so far was the only outlet in Indonesia that has table and seats. Let’s go around the place!!

IMG_3177 IMG_3175 IMG_3188 IMG_3178 IMG_3179 IMG_3184 IMG_3195

So, now it’s time for me to introduce to you their creations. They always sell 12 cupcakes, but there are additional 3 cupcakes for “today’s special.”

IMG_3200 IMG_3202 IMG_3172

Strawberry Chocolate

The moist chocolate cupcakes with strawberry cream on top. The strawberry cream was delish. Not too sweet. Recommended.


Chocolate Vanilla

Vanilla cupcakes with chocolate cream on top. Very cute. The chocolate cream was sprinkled with colorful chocolate chip. Kids will like it because of the cuteness 🙂


Cookies and Cream

Cookies and Cream always a good combination. They put a piece of oreo on top. Impressive. Delicious also 🙂


PB Chocolate

Peanut Butter with Chocolate? Do I have to say anything? One of my favorites!! The peanut butter was so delicious!!


Red Velvet

Actually I never like Red Velvet. I don’t like the cream cheese they use in it. But, when I forced myself to try it, I kinda like it. Not as sour as the others. Recommended.


Chocolate Chocolate

This is my most favorite!! What do you expect from double chocolate??? Chocolate lovers must-try this. No need to explain. Just try this one, and you will know why I love this.



Love the flavour and the aroma of mocha. It’s coffee and chocolate. Sinfully delicious!!


PB Jelly

Really love this cupcake. The peanut butter and jelly mixed beautifully like they belong together. One of my favorites.


Strawberry Vanilla

I think I prefer Strawberry Chocolate instead of Vanilla, but it’s OK. For those who like strawberry and vanilla, this one is just for you 🙂



This one is for coffee lovers. No more words. Just dig it in hahahaha..


Coffee Walnut

Coffee Walnut was their “today’s special” 🙂 Coffee and walnut. Another favorite for coffee lovers. Prove it yourself.


Too bad I couldn’t try their Rainbow Vanilla and Vanilla Chocolate. Ok, maybe next time 🙂 So, have you tried a Twelve Cupcakes cupcake?

Twelve Cupcakes Indonesia
Mall Kota Kasablanka
Level LG #IU-L.17
Jl. Kasablanka Raya Kav. 28
FB Fan Page: Twelve Cupcakes
twitter: @12cupcakesID

The Playground Street Gallery PIM Jakarta

18 Mei 2013. Gw udah beberapa kali denger nama The Playground. Bahkan kemaren pas ke Plaza Indonesia, gw sempet liat outletnya. En, gw beruntung bs ikutan launching new outlet mereka di Street Gallery PIM 1 Extension. Mereka baru buka tgl 26 April kemaren lho ternyata. Masi fresh from the oven banget kan 😀 Gw lagi2 membujuk hubby utk gak usah kerja, nemenin gw aja ke sini hahaha. Untunglah hubby baik hati banget. Mau diajak nemenin gw 🙂


Sampe di sana gw disambut Mbak Hanni selaku PR Manager. Sayangnya kita gak sempet ngobrol banyak krn Mbak Hanni sibuk menyiapkan gono gini bareng Mbak Georgetta. Hehehe. Fyi, kenyamanan tempat makan ini emang bikin betah loh. Tempat duduknya yg unik, berbentuk ayunan, menarik perhatian banget. Gw sampe kepingin punya yg kaya gitu di rumah hahahaha.. Seru kan kalo makan sambil maen ayunan hihihi tp di sini gak bole lah, ntar makanan2nya di meja tunggang langgang wkwkwk

IMG_9898 IMG_9897 IMG_9907IMG_9901

Lucu sih, ada model tempat duduk yg bs muter2 kaya maenan anak2 di taman gitu. Pokoknya kita dimanjakan banget di sini, bagaikan kembali ke masa kecil lagi. Kebayang donk, jaman dulu mana ada resto kaya gini. Semua kenangan kita akan tempat bermain yang menyenangkan, ada di sini 🙂


Yuk kita liat menu2nya apa aja yg disiapkan oleh mereka buat para foodbloggers yg udah kelaparan ini hehehehe

IMG_9884 3348eea7-8c4b-4f67-bf56-02b435f2b0bfwallpaper

Togatake 60k

Shitake Mushroom and Japanese Dried Chili served with Crunchy Nori. Spaghetti ini rasanya enak deh. Pedes sih. Sayangnya gw en hubby gak suka pedes. Tapi kita cobain, en kita setuju kalo ini enak juga, en jamur shitake-nya sedap..


Green Curry with Crispy Dory Spaghetti 60k

Thai-nesia Homemade Green Curry served with deep fried Dory. Favorit gw nih. Beneran gak brenti2 makan ini. Sampe gak inget kalo masi ada blogger laen yg udah ngeliatin dengan tatapan menusuk hati hahahaha.. Rasa curry-nya enak, gak terlalu tajam, pas banget. Dory-nya ohemji.. heaven banget deh.. Empuk, trus rasanya ngangenin, kepingin makan lagi dan lagi dan lagi..


Sateghetti 60k

Succulent Chicken Skewers (“sate”) in Peanut Sauce. Baru deh nemu spaghetti yg unik begini. Pake saus kacang bak makan lontong sate ayam hahaha.. Saus kacangnya rasanya pas. Sate-nya juga empuk. Penggemar saus kacang, bole coba menu ini 🙂


Chipapeno Capellini 60k

Combination of two World’s most distinctive Chilis. Chilipadi and Jalapeno. Berhubung capellini lagi kosong, mereka ganti dengan spaghetti. Capellini mirip2 emang sama spaghetti tapi lebih tipis. Ini pedes banget hahahaha.. Gw sampe gak brenti minum 😀 Tapi buat yg doyan pedes, bole dicoba deh nih. Pedesnya nagih.

IMG_9930 IMG_9944

Chimichurri Dory 58k

Chimichurri (Argentine Parsley Sauce) is a quintessential sauce of Argentine and has spread all over South Americans these days. Gw cek ke wikipedia: Chimichurri is made from finely chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white or red wine vinegar. Additional flavorings such as coriander, paprika, cumin, thyme, lemon, and bay leaf may be included. In its red version, tomato and red bell pepper may also be added. It can also be used as a marinade for grilled meat. Jadi kebayang donk rasanya. Empuknya dori dicampur saus chimichurri. Sedaaaaaaaaaap..


Honey Red Wine Salmon 105k

Fresh Grilled Norwegian Salmon served with “Spinach Bakwan” and perfected with The Playground’s signature Honey Red Wine Sauce. Yummy salmon. Walau sedikit hancur waktu dibelah, tp salmonnya enak. Spinach bakwannya juga unik.


It’s time for Dessert!!! Yaaaaay..

Berbagai macam martabak menjadi dessert mereka yg favorit.

Traditional 35k

Martabak ini bener2 martabak traditional yg dijual di mana2. Ada coklat, kacang, keju. Gw suka banget kulitnya nih, dan walaupun isinya standard, tp tetep nikmat.

Cheese, Cookies and Cream 40k

Ini seru banget nih, ada oreo-nya. Anak2 pasti suka.

Monkey Genius 45k

Buat penggemar pisang, akhirnya bs makan martabak pake pisang. Genius! 🙂

Apple Crumble 50k

Apple Crumble kan emang lagi hepening banget nih. Keren banget mereka bikin martabak ala apple crumble. Penasaran rasanya? Makanya mampir sendiri, jadi tau deh rasanya kaya gimana hahahahaha


(dari kiri searah jarum jam: traditional, cheese cookies and cream, monkey genius, apple crumble)

Brulee. Brulee. Brulee. 40k

Aaaaah, ini enak. Ada 2 rasa, yg original sama ketan item. Gw suka banget yg original. Enyaaaaaaaaaaaaak… Hmm, jadi ngecesss..

IMG_9988 IMG_9989

Minuman2 yg ada pun unik2 banget. Ada berbagai macam minuman dari ice tea sampe yg beralkohol.

Iced Tea 20k

Ice Tea-nya manis ihiy, jadi seger en berenergi 🙂


Flavored Iced Tea 30k

Lychee tea, standard, enak, seger. my favorite.


Playground’s Punch 45k

Green tea + Tropical fruits. Ini minuman unik banget krn warna ijonya menarik utk diliat. Selain enak diminum, gelasnya yg penyat penyot bikin dia dijadikan objek foto2 sama foodbloggers kemaren hahahaha


Café d’avocat 40k

ada 1 menu yg gak berhasil gw foto krn udah keburu diminum 🙂 ini rasanya seru, avocado + espresso + fresh milk + cinnamon. Hubby blg, enak juga hehehehe

Mimi Cucu Original – Mimi Cucu Cokelat @ 105k

Namanya lucu yaaaaaaa.. Tampilannya juga lucu. Pake botol susu, trus ada dot-nya gitu. Dot-nya bs dimakan krn itu permen hehehehe.. Ini merupakan kolaborasi antara susu kacang dan Baileys. Rasanya? OK lah. Cuma krn gw emang kurang bs minum alkohol, jadi minumnya dikit2 ajah heheheh


So, this is us with our narcissism and our craziness hahahahaha..

3a5a4b18-a91b-4885-bc34-cd7809018d89wallpaper 1bd97b11-13ea-4455-a8b1-27e51cac41c2wallpaper d811ee6d-4249-4a47-bd96-3692b47d984cwallpaper 7afc0673-ad39-4da7-b070-9a2ea92b388dwallpaper

Gak lupa berpose cantik dengan apron2nya masing2 🙂


Thanks The Playground, Mbak Hanni, Mbak Georgetta for having us. En, thanks juga goodiebag-nya yaaaaaaaaaa 🙂


The Playground
Pondok Indah Mall
Street Gallery Ground Floor
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Jakarta 12310
Phone: +62 21 29529729
BBM for reservation: 238E5AAF
FB Fan Page: Live to Eat Love to Drink
twitter: @_theplayground_