KING MANGO THAI at Neo SOHO Mall Letjen S Parman Jakarta

June 25th, 2017. I knew about this place when it opened for the first time at Neo SOHO Mall. KING MANGO THAI is happening, guys! LOL. It’s brand from Thailand, and it’s the new hype I think. I came today since it’s holiday and my hubby could keep me company. Yaaaaay. Are you ready toContinue reading “KING MANGO THAI at Neo SOHO Mall Letjen S Parman Jakarta”

JJ Royal Bistro Senayan City Jakarta

November 30th, 2013. Finally went to another enchanting place to fill my tummy. It’s the same owner, same people, but different mall. I heard about the opening, and I just wanna go there. Actually, I was curious, whether the place will be as exciting as JJ Royal Brasserie, or not. Hahaha..  So, as usual, IContinue reading “JJ Royal Bistro Senayan City Jakarta”

[SINGAPORE] Traditional Desserts

Gak akan pernah lupa deh, muter2 nyariin Traditional Dessert – Mei Heong Yuen (MHY) ini tempat makan snow ice yg kata si Debra enak. Muternya kaya org gila, setelah ditelaah, ternyata beda arah sama yg dikasi tau si Debra. Hadeeeeeeeeeeuh.. Sampe gila juga gak bakal ketemu kalo gak kreatip mikirnya *tepok jidat* Pertama makan diContinue reading “[SINGAPORE] Traditional Desserts”