BirdMan at 18 Parc Place SCBD Sudirman Jakarta

June 6th, 2017. I heard about this new place from a friend. Then, I stalked their instagram, and very very curious. So, I planned to visit BirdMan as soon as possible, since I loved Japanese cuisine. Lucky me, I had a chance to visit while they’re having transitional menu this week from 3pm to 5pm. When my friends asked me, I told them that I wanted to try BirdMan. They insisted to join me. *rolling my eyes*


Located in SCBD area, BirdMan is very easy to find. Me and my friends walked from our previous venue to BirdMan. It’s only walking-distance. BirdMan isn’t too spacious. It’s also not too small. It’s just perfect for a Modern Japanese gastropub. Love the marble tables all over the place *wink wink* 😉 I could imagine those foodies will crawl all over the place hahaha.. Warm ambiance with friendly gesture from the people. Well, let’s look around the place before the dishes.

IMG_9535 IMG_9536 IMG_9537 IMG_9538 IMG_9540 IMG_9542 IMG_9565 IMG_9566 IMG_9539 IMG_9541


Iced Ocha 25k


Yuzu 58k

Loved the taste of the yuzu. So refreshing.

IMG_9544 IMG_9546


Sliced Gyutan, Kimchi Mayo 92k

Beef tongue with kimchi mayo as the dip sauce. Tasted so good with impeccable texture. It’s not too chewy and not too delicate. It’s only too perfect. A taste you will never forget. That savoury smell and unique texture can be very addictive. Well, next time I will order warm rice to keep the gyutan a company.

The word gyūtan is a combination of the Japanese word for cow ( gyū) and the English word tongue.

IMG_9567 IMG_9568

Okonomiyaki 85k

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients. This time they’re using pork and seafood for the filling. OMG! It’s really really good. Very beautiful presentation with life-changing flavour LOL. Yes, it was that good. Hahaha. Literally translated as “fried stuff you like”, okonomiyaki is one of Japan’s classic food. It’s my favourite food also. Fyi, if you don’t eat pork, you just told them to change the ingredients to “only seafood.”

IMG_9554 IMG_9555 IMG_9558 IMG_9556 IMG_9562 IMG_9561


Crispy Chicken Namban 52k

It’s similar with chicken karaage. They presented it with skewers. I think this was my first time trying chicken namban. It’s also my first time heard about “namban.” It’s a chicken cutlet that has a crunchy, breaded texture with a light sweet glaze on the outside, served with creamy sauce. It’s really delicious. Super recommended.

IMG_9564 IMG_9563


Pork Katsu 160k

They served the pork katsu with 2 kind of sauces. Choose whichever you like. The pork katsu was delicious and flavourful, but I prefer that they thicker the meat, not the skin. The choice is yours whether to dip or drizzle the sauce over the pork katsu. Another recommended one. But next time I think I will order the pork katsu don.

IMG_9548 IMG_9552 IMG_9549 IMG_9550

I hope I could meet the genius person behind those delicious food. Well, maybe next time on my next visit. Yes, definitely will be back. I think I was hypnotized hahaha.. Ok BirdMan, wait for me, soon!

Lot 18 Parc Place
Tower B #GF SCBD
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav #52-53
Phone: +62 822-1020-0200
IG: @birdmanjkt