Kyodai Cafe at Gading Serpong Tangerang

September 1st, 2017. Finally! I could visit Kyodai Cafe after they had their soft opening on July. Yes, I knew about them, and very eager to visit the new coffee shop. Too bad, I didn’t have a chance until this September. It’s a little bit far from our hotel, but I really wanted to visit this one. So, hubby took me there. Yaaaaay.


Kyodai is a simple cafe. Actually, I asked them, why Kyodai. They said because the owner loves everything about Japan. 兄弟 means brother. It doesn’t just mean your elder or little brother, it also means your good friends and buddies, who have no biological relations with you. So I guess, the owner wants the cafe to be a place for good friends to be together.

IMG_4115 IMG_4114 IMG_4113 IMG_4117 IMG_4118 IMG_4116

Latte 32k

For a new place, they really impressed me with their hot latte. Beautiful latte art, very low level of acidity, creamy texture just like I want. Just perfect!


Ice Dark Chocolate Latte 26k

Hubby’s order. He always loved chocolate drink. But this time, he said it’s too milky. Well, maybe because it’s dark chocolate latte. I said to him that next time order the ice dark chocolate only. Yup, we both love dark chocolate than milk chocolate. 🙂

IMG_4121 IMG_4122

Kyodai Cafe
Ruko Spring Selatan No. 18
Jl. Springs Boulevard Selatan
Gading Serpong, Tangerang
Phone: +62 857-1717-5915
IG: @kyodaicafe