Soto Kudus Blok M at Achmad Dahlan Jakarta

May 30th, 2017. I think it’s the first time I tried this Soto Kudus Blok M. Cindy asked me to join her to cafe-hopping in Achmad Dahlan area. Then after a visit to coffee shop, she told me about having lunch at soto kudus beside the coffee shop. I loved soto kudus, that’s why I instantly agreed with her.


Cindy and her family were their loyal customer. She said, it’s very delicious. The place surprised me with the AC. I thought it will be a hot restaurant. LOL. Silly me. It’s spacious with AC. Cool rite?

IMG_9094 IMG_9096 IMG_9095 IMG_9100

Es Teh 6k

IMG_9097 IMG_9099

Perkedel 6k

So in love with this perkedel. I ate 2 hahaha.. Yes, it was that good!


Sate Puyuh 8k


Soto Campur Kecil 16k

I used to eat soto kudus with my boss or my coworkers near our office. And I loved to order soto campur kecil. It’s soto with rice in a small bowl. And this soto campur kecil from soto kudus blok m was very good. Definitely will be back.

IMG_9092 IMG_9093

Soto Kudus Blok M
Jl. Kh. Achmad Dahlan No. 36
Kramat Pela, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 7262135

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