Brew & Wood Coffee at Puri Mutiara Cilandak Jakarta

November 16th, 2017. I knew this one from my friend. When I asked Brew & Wood Coffee, they weren’t open yet. I waited and waited, and finally when I had an invitation to Kemang area, I asked them again, and yaaaaaaay, they already opened since end of October I think.


They have a nice place. A spacious level one, with stairs to go to upstairs. The level two looked like a high mezzanine. Comfortable and cosy with friendly barista. They used hashtag #ngopiditurunan because it’s literally “ngopi di turunan.” Located in a descending road, it’s quite unique. An hour there and I’ve already heard sudden brake sounds a couple times. LOL.

IMG_8102 IMG_8105 IMG_8106 IMG_8107 IMG_8114 IMG_8117 IMG_8118 IMG_8115 IMG_8116 IMG_8108 IMG_8113 IMG_8109 IMG_8110 IMG_8112

Kopi Susu Turunan 25k

At first, I wanted to ask if I could have Kopi Susu Turunan with single shot coffee. Turned out, they have already put it in a bottle. But the barista said that it’s not strong. It’s quite milky. So I guess it was safe for me. When I sipped a bit, it’s milky but still got a strong coffee flavour. Yaaaay. I think people will love it. Not too sweet, also.

IMG_8123 IMG_8131

Ice Cheekult Tea 35k

Lychee with Yakult? OMG! Really GOOD! Thirst-quenching, very fresh and addictive! And the name was very cute. Cheekult! LOL! Definitely will order this one again every time I go there hahaha.

IMG_8119 IMG_8120

Almond Croissant 30k

I think I took long time to take photos, when I ate this one, it was a little bit chewy. I prefer crunchy croissant, actually. So I didn’t finish it. So sorry. Tasted so good, but the texture wasn’t my palate. I wanted to ask them to warm it up for me, but I didn’t wanna bother them. So, yeah, I only ate half of it. Maybe next time I will eat it in a flash, no need to take photos hahaha..

IMG_8121 IMG_8122

Congratulations Brew & Wood. Such a recommended place to visit with friends and family.

Brew & Wood Coffee
Jl Puri Mutiara Ruko 35A
Cilandak, Jakarta
Phone: +62 812-9000-7317
IG: @brewandwood

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