Rumahan Coffee & Kitchen at Fresh Market PIK Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

November 24th, 2017. I saw this one on my IG timeline. I planned to visit them on October 28th, but cancelled. So, when I had a chance to visit PIK again, I took time to find Rumahan Coffee & Kitchen. Well, it was my first time to Fresh Market PIK, so it was quite a challenge to find them. LOL.


Walked around Fresh Market, I found many delicious stalls hahahaha.. There was even an uncle walked past me by and got a chance to say to me, “Pork Gohiong! Pork Gohiong!” I told my hubby and we laughed hahaha.. And finally I found Rumahan. What a nice place. Petite coffee shop with homey ambiance. It reflects the meaning of the name. Rumah means home. Rumahan means homemade. So it was around home and homey lah hahahaha.. Ok let’s go back to the coffee shop. We met the owners. The lovely couple Ian Salim and Elvira Kusno. At first, they said their name were Ian and Vira. Then, I introduced my hubby as a movie blogger. Then Ian and Michael talked about movies. Then, I remembered something about Ian. I asked Vira the complete name of Ian, and she said, “Ian Salim.” And I shouted, “OMG! The famous Ian Salim!” Yes, I met him (he is a famous filmmaker) one time at Movigoers’ event. And I became one of his fans. Small world ya..

IMG_8415 IMG_8420 IMG_8422 IMG_8417 IMG_8423 IMG_8416 IMG_8426 IMG_8418 IMG_8421 IMG_8419

Es Kopi Rumahan 20k

Love the presentation. Light texture with not too mild flavour. Not sweet from sugar, but I think it was sweet from the milk. Everybody will love it. Trust me. Such a perfect iced coffee for your day. Recommended!

IMG_8424 IMG_8425

Congratulations Rumahan, Ian and Vira. Happy to meet you guys!!! Definitely will be back!!

Rumahan Coffee & Kitchen
Fresh Market PIK
Ground Floor Blok B/93
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
IG: @rumahancoffeekitchen