Altitude Grill at The Plaza Tower Thamrin Jakarta

November 17th, 2017. When I heard about Altitude Grill, I was very excited. Then, when we arrived at the 46th floor, I just realized that it was previously Salt Grill. They told me that they wanna try their own concept, and voila, Altitude Grill was born. Got invited to their pre-opening lunch, I was very curious, since they had new chef.


They renovated the place, for sure. It was such a nice place. Still got the exclusive ambiance but more friendly touch. And don’t forget the view. Definitely one of the best places to visit when you want to have lunch or dinner with breathtaking view.

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Complimentary Bread



Grilled Watermelon Salad 160k

Feta, Arugula and 25yrs Aged Balsamic

At first, I thought it was a tuna sashimi. They made the texture just like tuna. Turned out it was grilled watermelon. It was crunchy watery cheesy. Yes, they put feta cheese in the middle. And I loved their 25yrs Aged Balsamic. Mild and light. Not too strong, enhanced the flavour of the salad.

IMG_8204 IMG_8205

Scallop Filled Squid Rings 280k

Crispy Pancetta, Raspberry Bacon Jam with a Parsley Shallot Plush

Pork detected! Yay! Hahahaha. I could see Aline sad face. LOL. I loved this dish. The scallop was fresh and moist at the same time. And the squid was very soft and tender. Super tender! Such a recommended dish. Trust me. It melt in your mouth! Tasted delicious with beautiful presentation. Too bad Aline couldn’t try this one. Poor her. *sad face*

IMG_8206 IMG_8207

Apple Mango and Prawn Cocktail 160k

When it came to our table, the Chef told us how to eat this one. Mixed it together and enjoyed it. It was totally amazing. Such a simple dish, served in a martini glass, could become an overblown dish. Too bad, it was in a small portion. I prefer they put it in a big bowl hahahaha..

IMG_8210 IMG_8208 IMG_8209 IMG_8215

Triple Cooked Wagyu Ox Tongue 180k

Creamed Hazelnut Dukkah

I think I had 3 portions of this wagyu ox tongue. HAHAHAHA. Yes, it was THAT good!!! They served the tongue in a slice. But it was one of the best slice of tongue. Errr.. maybe it’s the best, so far. For me. I don’t know about others, but I believe they will agree with me. It’s super tender. Topnotch! And it’s one of the best appetizers I’ve every tried!

IMG_8211 IMG_8213 IMG_8214


Oven Baked Salted Egg Hollandaise Black Cod 320k

Purple sweet potato and Asparagus

The black cod was tender and soft. But I had a very high expectation for the salted egg hollandaise. It’s too light for us. Yes, for us. Not only for me. I, for sure, couldn’t taste the salted egg. Maybe they were afraid it would be too salty. I hope next time they will make the salted egg hollandaise super tasty.

IMG_8234 IMG_8235

Bistecca a la Altitudine (min 500 grams) 260k per 100g

Sher Wagyu MBS 8/9 T Bone

Chef Gary sliced the wagyu in front of us. I could see that he did that without any effort at all. He showed us how tender the wagyu. Uhlala! It was very aromatic. I was drooling, literally, at the same time Chef Gary sliced the wagyu LOL. Look at the pink colour. Slurrrrp. Yes, it’s tender and juicy and well-seasoned. And the best part was the fat. I asked them to give me the fat part hahahahahahaha..

IMG_8220 IMG_8221 IMG_8222 IMG_8224 IMG_8226 IMG_8227 IMG_8231 IMG_8233 IMG_8236

Picanha (200 grams) 225k per 100g

Sher Wagyu MBS 8/9 Rump Cap

The Picanha was also good, but still my favourite was the Bistecca. Another pink colour wagyu. OMG! Look at the oily meat. *jumping jumping* There was not much fat in the Picanha. So yeah, back to Bistecca. LOL.

IMG_8230 IMG_8229

Steak Sampler 1100k

The Steak Sampler consist of 5 options: Wagyu Ox-tongue, Tenderloin, Picanha, Rib Eye and Skirt. Hmmm.. too bad I didn’t have a chance to try them all. Full tummy! I said, it’s really a genius idea to serve this kind of menu. You can try 5 kinds of meat in one big wooden board. For those kinds of meat, I could say it was worth the price.

IMG_8244 IMG_8238 IMG_8239 IMG_8240 IMG_8241 IMG_8242


Whipped Potatoes 90k
Confit Shallots 80k
Truffle Fries 95k
Buttered Spiced corn and Crisp 80k
Buttered Broccoli Gratin 80k

The whipped potatoes and the buttered spiced corn and crisp were my favourites!


Assorted Desserts 150k

Sneak Preview of our Dessert Buffet

What is your best dream? A table full of desserts. LOL! When I saw the long table, I forgot everything else. Hahaha. Those delicious desserts with beautiful presentation. I laughed when they told me that it was a little bit “dangdut.” HAHAHA. Well, it wasn’t “dangdut” at all. Actually, it was very pretty. Pretty and delicious. Perfect combination, right? And you can eat all of the desserts for only 150k. Cakes, tarts, cupcakes, chocolate fountain, mousse, ice creams, you named it.

IMG_8245 IMG_8246 IMG_8247 IMG_8248 IMG_8249 IMG_8252 IMG_8253 IMG_8256 IMG_8257 IMG_8258 IMG_8259 IMG_8261

Congratulations Altitude Grill for the opening. Definitely the hottest steakhouse in town!

Altitude Grill
The Plaza Tower 46th floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Phone: +62 21 2992 2448
IG: @altitudegrill