Sixty Two Coffee at Cipayung Gunawarman Jakarta

June 14th, 2017. One of my bestfriend told me about this new coffee shop. So, I came on their 2nd day. It’s their opening trial on June 13th to June 18th, 2017. Come come and enjoy their hospitality from 3pm to 8pm. Oh I almost forgot. They were called Sixty Two Coffee. It’s a lovely corner in Cipayung II road.


Why Sixty Two? The owner, Dipta, told me that they used beans from Indonesia for their House Blend. And Indonesia Country Code is 62. See the connection, right? Well, they also provide another country’s coffee beans, but the main coffee beans are from Indonesia. Well, from the first sight, I knew right away that the place is lovely. They have outdoor area, very beautiful one, and indoor area, beautiful, simple and minimalist one.

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Latte 33k

Love the coffee. Not too strong, perfect for my taste bud. It’s not acidic, yaaaaaaay. I think I will be back for their green tea latte. It’s sold out when I came huhuhuhu.. Wait for me yaaaaa.. 🙂


Glazed Donut 15k

They have 2 kinds of donut. Glazed one and cinnamon one. I chose the glazed one. It’s good for my coffee. Balancing the flavour.


What a lovely place to visit. Combinations of very friendly owner, comfortable place, great coffee, and lovely choices of playlist. Psss.. they will open WOK-a-DAY beside the coffee shop.. cannot wait!! Congrats Sixty Two!

Sixty Two Coffee
Jl. Cipayung II No.19
Kebayoran Baru
Phone: +62 21 7223682
IG: @sixtytwocoffee