Emmetropia Coffee at Ruko Neo Arcade Gading Serpong Tangerang

September 2nd, 2017. I knew about this coffee shop a long time ago, but didn’t have the chance to visit it. When we had staycation in Serpong area, I asked my hubby to visit new places around our hotel. And, we passed Emmetropia Coffee without any intention to stop by. But, since we still had time before dinner, we finally stopped by there.


There is a time when people takes coffee not just for thirst-quenching or for caffeine spirit but more about love, arts, complex, appreciation, inspiration. And here we are to serve you. We choose from the large selection of coffee made by the best Roaster in Indonesia and more. In the attempts to communicate the essential nature of the coffee, body, sweetness, acidity, flavour as well as after taste, most of the time we test many cups and beans just to get the best of it.

The place is quite small, with a nice ambiance. It’s not a fancy coffee shop or luxurious place. It’s just a friendly coffee shop with friendly owner and friendly atmosphere. And surprisingly, my cousin and her husband lived next door. LOL. It’s like a small family reunion. *pssst thanks for the treat*

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Ice Chocolate 33k

It’s quite a hot day, so ice chocolate was the life-saver. It’s dark chocolate, with not-too-creamy texture and delicious flavour. Ice chocolate is always my hubby’s favourite. But sometimes he ordered lemon tea or lychee tea. But for that day, I asked for ice chocolate, because I had 6 or 7 cups of coffee *totally forgot* earlier. LOL.


Banana Pie 15k

We were full, but I needed one snack to keep my chocolate a company. So we tried this banana pie. It’s delicious, but I let my hubby finished it. I tell you what. He’s the best hubby in the whole universe. I could order everything, but when it’s the time to finish them, he always helped me. Hahaha. Best hubby, right?


Thank you Emmetropia Coffee. It was such a right choice to visit you. Until next time..

Emmetropia Coffee
Ruko Neo Arcade Blok A No 23
Jl. Gading Serpong Kelapa Dua
Phone: +62 822-7662-3389
IG: @emmetropia.coffee