[NEW LOCATION] Convivium Bakery & Cafe at Panglima Polim Melawai Jakarta

June 7th, 2017. Remember when I told you guys that Cindy and Natasha asked me to join them to visit a new coffee shop? Well, before that, Cindy told me that she wanted to eat lunch. Googling around the area, I stopped my finger at Convivium. It’s very famous a couple years ago,  but I’ve never been there. So I asked Cindy to visit the place and she agreed.


I was stunned when I came inside. The place is very beautiful. And when I talked to the server, he said that they just moved to this new place 2 months ago. Spacious area inside and a small corner outside. A cute table for kids to play is my favourite LOL. I really really love the place.

IMG_9595 IMG_9585 IMG_9586 IMG_9603 IMG_9041 IMG_9587 IMG_9591 IMG_9588 IMG_9592 IMG_9602 IMG_9593 IMG_9589 IMG_9597 IMG_9590 IMG_9600 IMG_9599 IMG_9598

Green Tea 30k


Ice Lemon Tea 25k


Spaghetti Carbonara 75k

with Bacon and Poached Egg

Poached egg on top. Always make me feel happy to see that kind of dish. The texture of the spaghetti is perfect for me. The sexy aroma of the bacon. The creamy sauce. Everything about this pasta dish are very mouthwatering. And it’s not even mine. LOL. It’s Cindy’s.

IMG_9607 IMG_9609 IMG_9608 IMG_9610 IMG_9611

Traditional Beef Lasagna 70k

One of the best lasagna I’ve ever tried. Tasted so good with appetizing flavour. I just prefer that the texture was softer. Lasagna is better when it’s mushy and squishy. Generous beef. I am craving now while writing about it.

IMG_9604 IMG_9605 IMG_9606

I was happy to be there. Nice place, delicious food and great company. Thanks Convivium for making my lunch perfect.

Jl. Panglima Polim V No.8A
Melawai, Kebayoran Baru
Phone: +62 21 27081886
IG: @conviviumdeli

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