Kata Kopi at Sunter Jakarta

October 13th, 2017. It’s always happy to visit a new coffee shop. Actually I knew about Kata Kopi just before it opened. But as usual, I had to arrange my time to visit Sunter area.


Located at the 2nd floor, above Kairos Barbershop, Kata Kopi occupied a small area. A humble corner in the busy street of Sunter. When I arrived, there’s a group of moms, talking about their plastic surgery’s results. LOL. Then, a bunch of office workers came, and filled the place with their conversations and laughs. Remember when I told you that it’s a small area? So, yeah, it’s quite crowded.

IMG_6595 IMG_6605 IMG_6596 IMG_6597 IMG_6597 IMG_6599 IMG_6600 IMG_6602 IMG_6601

Es Kopi Legi 18k

I wanted to try Kopi Kokoh too, but it’s only available Saturday and Sunday. So I only tried this Kopi Legi. It’s super good. The coffee, the milk and the brown sugar, made a perfect collaboration. You can order this one by GoFood. Hurry! It’s really really good!

IMG_6603 IMG_6604

Potato Nugget 20k

I was in the middle of editing photos, so I needed something to eat, beside drinking the es kopi legi. It was nice, but not too special. And I didn’t finish it, I took it away for my hubby. I knew that he will love it.


Thank you Kata Kopi for making the delicious Es Kopi Legi for me. Maybe I will be back soon for Es Kopi Kokoh. See ya’

Kata Kopi
Jl. Taman Sunter Indah No.19
Sunter, Jakarta
Phone: +62 813-9886-8373
IG: @kopiitukata

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