Nitro Coffee at Ciranjang Senopati Jakarta

March 12th, 2017. Accidentally found this new coffee shop on my way to a venue. It’s easy to find because it’s quite big. There’s no signage on the facade, but I happened to know the exact address. So, yeah it’s not hard to find the place. Anyway, they’re still pre-opening, so still a simple appearance with minimalist decorations. Nitro Coffee.


“Why Nitro?” I asked them. They said, “Nitro is like booster. So we want everybody, who drink our coffee, is having a boost day.” Something like that lah. And I’m in love with the place. Friendly people with great hospitality. I was all alone this morning. It was a really nice place to have some me-time, since not many people know about this place. And hooray!!! “PAY AS YOU LIKE!”

IMG_4546 IMG_4557 IMG_4547 IMG_4556 IMG_4558 IMG_4548 IMG_4559 IMG_4549 IMG_4550


I asked them to make me a very very very light latte. They gave me 2 kinds of latte. The first one was the light one. The second one was the fruity one. They said, they’re using Kenya, Ethiopia, Sumatera, Brazil beans. Funny thing, I love the second one.

IMG_4554 IMG_4560

Chocolate Brownies

It’s homemade. Kind of brownies that I like. The texture is very moist. Well, some people prefer the dry one, not like me hahaha. But, don’t eat too much. It’s moist, for sure, with dense texture. So better small portion.


Welcome Nitro Coffee to the world full of coffee shops. LOL. Thanks for giving me nitro booster for the day.

Nitro Coffee
Jl. Ciranjang No.10