Bottlenose Coffee, Burgushi & Eatlah at PHX Grogol Jakarta

March 23rd, 2017. A rainy day. But a very beautiful day because I planned to hang out with my lil sis since morning. We went to noodle place, then a new coffee shop, and finally reach PHX at Grogol area. We tried 3 different outlets.


PHX. I still didn’t get it why PHX. I think it’s because the first place was in Permata Hijau. And the X represented the number of their outlets. But I still waited for their answer. I will keep it up-to-date here. I love how they decorate the place. Colourful chairs. And it looked clean enough to me.

IMG_5111 IMG_5099 IMG_5096 IMG_5097

Phx Grogol
Jl. Dr. Susilo Raya No. 342
Grogol, Jakarta
Phone: +62 813-8318-8383
IG: @phx.jkt


First. Bottlenose Coffee.


A small coffee shop in the gigantic food container. I thought it’s quite big. Turned out, you can put it in the petite category. When I was there with my sis, the place was quite crowded with people inside. And I think there’re more than 10 persons in the barista’s area. Maybe they wanted to open another outlet, so they needed to train more baristas. I think so. Hahaha. Well, not my business, then. And I still don’t know why they named it Bottlenose. I sent DM to them, and still haven’t got the reply. I will update you later. 🙂

IMG_5082 IMG_5079 IMG_5080 IMG_5084 IMG_5091 IMG_5081 IMG_5085 IMG_5092

Flatwhite 32k

I heard that they’re using Common Grounds beans. So, it’s good, for sure. I’m not a coffee expert. I just knew what I want in my coffee. 🙂


Ice Lychee Tea 22k


Coffee Cinnamon 25k

When we came, it’s the prettiest thing there. So, I ordered this one. But turned out, it’s not as good as the appearance. The texture was like a-day-before pastry. Not fresh from the oven. Well, my bad. Maybe I should try another dish when I come back there again.


Phone: +62 812-2000-7499
IG: @bottlenose.jkt


Second. Burgushi.


It’s Japanese style burger made with fine ingredients. Burger + Sushi. Burgushi.

IMG_5106 IMG_5105

Ocha 5k


Fries 15k


Beef Wakame 35k

Beef patty, melted cheese, chuka wakame, onion ring, teriyaki mayo.

Love it. The beef patty was tender and juicy. Delicious melted cheese. Chuka wakame? No complaint. And love the texture of the bun. @yennymakanmulu approved! LOL.


Tuna Aburi 35k

Tuna Aburi dipped with eel sauce, kyuri, enoki, spicy mayo.

A little bit spicy, so I prefer not using the spicy mayo. It’s also delicious but I prefer the beef wakame. The tuna was very fresh. A great combination between tuna aburi and enoki.


Phone: +62 812-8744-8421


Third. Eatlah.


Eatlat wasn’t a fancy restaurant or exclusive outlet. It’s just a simple outlet with one signature dish. Kudos for the founders: Charina Prinandita, Riesky Vernandes and Michael Chrisyanto for making one of the best salted egg chicken *for me* And funny thing, they name their outlets differently. There’re Eatlah Chickago, Eatlah Mielan, Eatlah Tokyolk and Eatlah New Fork. Cool! Cannot wait for another Eatlah coming!

IMG_5110 IMG_5109

Salted Egg Chicken 35k

served on a bed of hot rice and sunny side up

It’s soooooo good! I think this was the best salted egg chicken rice! The chicken was very tender and well-seasoned. OMG! I wanna eat my own picture hahahahaha..


Eatlah Chickago
IG: @eatlahjkt


Well, I hope they will open another PHX near my place. Pray hard!