Another Coffee Shop at Sere Manis Building Kebon Sirih Jakarta

March 14th, 2017. I was in the middle of nothing to do hahahaha.. Well, I think I really had nothing to do. Then, I remembered that I have to go to Sabang area. After that, I visited a coffee shop there. I planned to come last year, but I couldn’t make time for it. So, this time, I went there, finally. Another Coffee Shop.


Located on the Ground Floor of Sere Manis Building, it’s quite nice. Spacious with smoking area too. Windows everywhere, you don’t have to worry about natural light. Well, even though, it’s a coffee shop, but you can order food from Sere Manis restaurant upstairs. They will give you the menu. So, it’s nice to have lunch too. Ok then, please enjoy my simple review.

IMG_4623 IMG_4622 IMG_4621 IMG_4620 IMG_4619

Ice Green Tea Latte 35k

A delicious green tea latte. Such a thirst-quenching on a sunny day. Love the texture and the flavour. Not too bitter and not too sweet. Just perfect.


Indomie Goreng Rendang 15k

I was very hungry at that time. So, I ordered instant noodle. Instant food for very hungry tummy. LOL. I had another place to visit after this one. But after one portion, I was very sorry. I wanted another one huhuhuhuhu..

IMG_4625 IMG_4626

Another Coffee Shop
Sere Manis Building GF Floor
Jl. Kebon Sirih No.83
Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: +62 878-8342-7293
IG: @anothercoffee_

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