Kakolait Chocolate and Coffee at Gading Serpong Tangerang

October 19th, 2016. Finally I could try this newly opening chocolate and coffee shop at Gading Serpong. I was invited to their opening early October, but I had another event, so I had to turn down their invitation. *sobbing* So, when I had a chance to go there with Darius from @whats_up_jakarta I was so happy. “Thank you bro!!” Hello, Kakolait.


Fyi, Kakolait stands for Cacao, Coffee, and Lait (milk). Finding a new coffee shop in Jakarta or Tangerang was very easy. But finding a chocolate shop, it’s not that easy. Moreover, a delicious one. Located in Ruko Golden 8, it’s not hard to find the place. Kakolait has 2 levels, but they used only the 1st floor, maybe next time we can sit on the 2nd floor. The place is quite small, but very homey. So happy with the atmosphere because it’s glass windows all around. Two cute corners on the side of the facade are always a favourite for the customer. I got no chance to take picture, but if you come to the place, you’ll know.

IMG_8677 IMG_8676 IMG_8688 IMG_8678 IMG_8679 IMG_8680 IMG_8681 IMG_8689 IMG_8690 IMG_8683

Ice Jasmine Tea 20k


Kakolai Waffle Set 65k

For waffle, I love when it’s fluffy and crispy. Their waffle was a little bit like cake, but it’s still good for me. I have to choose milk chocolate or dark chocolate for the sauce. Dark chocolate, without a doubt. We could choose 3 toppings, and Darius chose them for us. I paid no attention to the toppings. Concentrated to the waffle and the sauce hahaha.. Enjoy it while it’s hot.


American Marshmallow 40k

When the hot chocolate touched and slipped through my lips, into my throat, it’s like a hug to my body. And it’s a delicious hug. It’s a sweet kind of hot chocolate, but not too sweet. Creamy with a milky taste. Of course. *rolling my eyes* And it’s beautiful, with marshmallow floating on top of the delicious hot chocolate. Definitely my favourite.


Ice Chocolate 35k

Perfect company for a hot day. I tried this on my second time there. I went with Hans from @eatandtreats because we had a foodtasting nearby. So, when he asked me to join him to Kakolait, I agreed without hesitation. I love the place LOL. And I thought, I’ve already tried the hot chocolate, it’s time for the ice chocolate. After one sip, I knew that it’s too sweet for me. I prefer their hot chocolate.


Chocolate Brownies

It’s complimentary from the owner. Delicious big brownies. Yeah, it’s big because I’ve full already. Couldn’t finish it. The texture was impeccably crunchy. And they put their secret chocolate sauce in there. So addicting. Thanks Alvin. *nice to meet you*


Welcome Kakolait. Congratulations for the opening. Hope you can open in Jakarta, closer to me. 🙂

KAKOLAIT (Chocolate & Coffee)
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara
Ruko Golden 8 Blok I No 33
Gading Serpong
Phone: +62 21 54210983
IG: @kakolait