Jakarta Restaurant The Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta

October 11th, 2016. I remember, the first time I went to this hotel, 3 years ago. It’s been a great experience for me. I heard that The Dharmawangsa Hotel is a very luxury hotel in Jakarta. I thought that it would be one intimidating hotel. Turned out, it’s very friendly with great hospitality. And after 3 years, I came back to the restaurant. Jakarta.


For centuries, Indonesia has been known for its aromatic and culinary inspiration to fine gourmands the world over. The truest pleasure of the table is revealed only when all of the senses are harmoniously mingled, as they are at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta restaurants.

A contemporary interpretation of old Jakarta, previously called Batavia, Jakarta restaurant is a more casual setting with art deco furnishings. The restaurant presents traditional Indonesian, Asian, and contemporary Western cuisine throughout the day in a relaxing yet stylish and social atmosphere.



Every Tuesday – Friday at 395k++ per person

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Durian 105k

warm durian cake, ice cream and berliner

This is soooooooooo good!!! Love it! Smells so so so good. Taste so so so delicious.


Signature “Kopyor” trio 105k

Kopyor ice cream sandwich, es kopyor and jongkong kopyor



Asem-asem iga Palembang 205k     

braised beef ribs with green tomatoes and sour carambola

Deliciously spicy. LOL. Love the flavour of it. The green tomatoes and sour carambola mixed together beautifully, make it a very delicious combination with the braised beef ribs which very tender and juicy.


Sate Sapi Maranggi Purwakarta 195k for 10 pcs

coriander and palmsugar marinated beef satay served with pickled tomato, chilli and sweet soy sauce

One of the best maranggi satay I’ve ever tried. The sweetness was perfect. It’s tender and juicy. Definitely my favourite menu at the time. And they said, it’s their favourite too. LOL.


Nasi Goreng Kampoeng 195k

traditional village style fried rice served with fried chicken, beef satay, fried shrimp and stir fried salty fish

It’s delicious, but nothing special, I guess. Maybe I needed bigger plate hahahaha..


Bakwan Jagung 125k

house favorite with topping selections of salsa mango, chili shallot, lime and corn

I don’t know how they make bakwan jagung this delicious. I used to eat bakwan jagung at home, but not addictive. This one, couldn’t stop eating it. I guess it’s not about the corn, but the topping. Favourite!


Iga Panggang Madu 245k

grilled marinated short ribs with honey black pepper sauce and jasmine rice

It’s one of their signature. Juicy and tender with mouthwatering presentation, it’s a little bit too sweet for me. I guess, they reduce the black pepper because they knew I didn’t like spicy food. But, I think I prefer if they reduce the sweetness also. Hehehe. And I knew right away, why they said this one was their signature. It was super duper delicious.


Lumpia Semarang 155k

fried spring rolls of bamboo shot and chicken served with special soya sauce and pickles

The best lumpia semarang ever. It’s not smelly at all. Love the texture. Soft and crunchy.  Lumpia Semarang is a typical spring roll from Semarang. It’s very popular. But, sometimes it’s too smelly. Good thing, this Lumpia Semarang was incredibly delish.


Thanks Jakarta Restaurant and The Dharmawangsa for the lunch time. It’s been fun!

Jakarta Restaurant
The Dharmawangsa
Jl. Brawijaya Raya No. 26
Dharmawangsa, Jakarta
Phone: 021-7258181
IG: @thedharmawangsajakarta