Homebound Coffee & One Fine Day Cafe at Kelapa Gading Jakarta

January 27th, 2017. Continuing our coffee shop hopping.


Another coffee shop. I still went with Tanti to visit another new place for us. This time we went to Kelapa Gading area. Famous for the yellow door, this coffee shop which opened around March 2016 caught our heart right away. Such a lovely facade. And yes! We loved the yellow door. Homebound Coffee.


Homebound means “Coming home or to be on your way home..” It is our goals to bringing a home atmosphere to you, the warmth, the relaxing situation while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Located on a side street of Kelapa Kopyor Raya, it’s very easy to find. Yes! The yellow door, of course hahahaha.. The place is not very spacious. Even tend to be small. When we arrived, there’s a guy smoking in the facade, and there were a bunch of people sitting in the indoor area and nearly filled the place. So, we ordered drinks only and hurried moved to another place.

IMG_2656 IMG_2655 IMG_2647 IMG_2650 IMG_2642 IMG_2643 IMG_2641 IMG_2649 IMG_2644 IMG_2651 IMG_2652 IMG_2646

Piccolo 25k


Red Velvet Latte 30k

I love the latte art. OMG so beautiful. And it tasted so good. Rich and delicious.


Homebound Coffee
Jl. Kelapa Kopyor Raya Blok CC 1 No. 1
Kelapa Gading
Phone: +62 811-1551-009
IG: @homeboundcoffee


Moved to another one. About 5 km from our previous coffee shop. Located in Ruko Gading Batavia, it’s not far from the entrance gate. Not a new opening place, but new for us of course. It’s not very big but they have enclosed smoking room. I present to you. One Fine Day.


Opened since November 2015 *CMIIW* I just got a chance to visit the place. I wanted to go since the first time I saw the name of the place. I love One Fine Day movie. Yeah you know, the one with George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer. Yup correct, 1996. Even my first niece was not born at the time hahaha. Well, the place was quite full, but we still got the non-smoking seat.

IMG_2665 IMG_2664 IMG_2668 IMG_2667 IMG_2670 IMG_2669 IMG_2675

Nutella Latte 37k

I love it. Such a delicious twist combined nutella and latte. Light texture with not-too-sweet flavour.


Cheese Cake 30k

They served the cheese cake with caramel on top *hmm.. remind me of someone’s blog hahaha poke Jeje* It’s like creme brulee, but on top of cheese cake. Moist and rich in texture. Recommended.

IMG_2672 IMG_2674 IMG_2676

One Fine Day Cafe
Ruko Gading Batavia Blok LC8 No.11
Kelapa Gading
Phone: +62 819-0506-6456
IG: @onefinedayid



  1. I wanna visit One Fine Day. The cheesecake looks divine, although they really should have frozen hot chocolate on the menu!

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