Porto Bistreau at Central Park Mall CP Tanjung Duren Jakarta

February 26th, 2017. I found out that this restaurant opened a new outlet at Central Park Mall. Lucky me, my friend worked for the Altima Group, and he invited me to try their Breakfast set menu. I went there with my hubby and met fellow foodies there. Porto Bistreau.


Porto, an Italian word meaning port in English, takes patrons to “visit” various harbours for a world culinary adventure.

I’ve never went to their Serpong outlet. Everybody said that it was lovely, but it’s too far from my place. So, when I heard about this Central Park outlet, I was very happy. Finally, I could try this place. Plus, I could take my hubby with me, yaaaaay.. It’s so rare, actually. Hahaha. He’s not comfortable eating with foodies. It’s not his crowd, he thought. Well, at Porto, he sat separate from our table *but still beside me* and happily blogging about his latest movie hahahaha.. And, we sat at outside area, near the Tribeca.

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Enjoy the Breakfast Set Menu with Turning Point Coffee or Premium Tea by Ronnefeldt. From 8am to 11am. T&C applies.

Havvai Ananasiel 59k

Hawaiian Breakfast – Ananas – Basil, fresh pineapple & crudites served with sunny side up egg, hanging tender salad, roasted seed, virgin olive oil and sea salt.

IMG_3976 IMG_3977

Hanging Sandwich 79k

Sourdough bread, European Cheese, Arugula/Rocket, tomato, scramble egg, caramelized onion, hanging tender beef & dressing.

I didn’t try this menu, but my hubby said that it was very delicious. The hanging tender beef was luscious, succulent and tender enough. They said it’s favourite! No wonder my hubby loved it. “Melt in your mouth!” he said with happy face.

IMG_3971 IMG_3972

Scramble Egg 59k

Sourdough bread, scramble eggs, sea salt butter, with balsamic fruits salad.

Never got bored with egg. Scramble eggs, especially. Not a fan of sourdough, so yeah I just ate the scramble eggs. The sea salt butter was too salty for me. But I love their balsamic fruits salad. Different taste with any other salad.

IMG_3965 IMG_3966

Truffle Toast 79k

Toasted bread with truffle spread, edam cheese, mozarella cheese, grapes salad, french balsamic dressing and poached egg.

IMG_3967 IMG_3968 IMG_3982

Hot Tea


Cappuccino 35k


Latte 35k


Mocha 40k

I love their mocha. OMG! It’s so so so so good. It’s more chocolaty than coffee. Friendly for my tummy.

IMG_3973 IMG_3985

Chocolate Banana Mozzarella

It’s a new drink, I guess. Everybody loves it, except me. Well, I love the chocolate and the mozzarella, but I didn’t like the banana. It’s not sweet and a little bit bitter. I hope next time it will be better.


Thank you Porto Bistreau for the lovely breakfast. We’ll do it again next time ya. 🙂

Porto Bistreau
Central Park
Ground Floor
Jl. Letjen S. Parman
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 56985751
IG: @portobistreau

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