Kopi Kecil at Kayu Putih Pulo Gadung Jakarta

January 27th, 2017. Finally, after long time ago, I could cafe hopping with Tanti again. First destination, we went to a new place for us. A small coffee shop. Thanks Alex for telling me about this place. We planned to go around in Kelapa Gading area, so Tanti said to me, “Why don’t we stop by at this cute coffee shop?” We took the wrong road at first, but finally we arrived there. Kopi Kecil.


Located on the roadside of a small area, it’s not easy to find it, unless you’re familiar with the area hahahaha.. Good thing, I didn’t have to drive alone there LOL. Thank you Tanti and her driver. Anyhow, it’s like the name, the place is literally small. But, lovely and cute. Alex told us about the foreign barista but he’s not there. So, yeah, maybe next time.

IMG_2617 IMG_2620 IMG_2618 IMG_2621 IMG_2619 SAM_7147 IMG_2623 IMG_2624 IMG_2625 IMG_2630 IMG_2628 IMG_2627 IMG_2637

Cappuccino 25k


Chocolate 25k

The chocolate was too milky for me. I love the latte art, though. Simple but lovely.

IMG_2631 IMG_2632 IMG_2634 IMG_2635

Chocolate Chip Cookies 15k for 2

This was so good. I ate almost all of it hahaha.. It’s typical cookies that I love. Moist and tender. Sweet chocolaty taste. The aroma was very mouthwatering. 🙂


Kopi Kecil
Jl. Kayu Putih Raya Kav.1 No.1
Pulo Gadung, Jakarta
Phone: +62 813-8066-6363
IG: @kopikecilcafe

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