KOZI 3.7 at Jeruk Purut Cilandak Jakarta

December 29th, 2017. I heard about KOZI 3.7 a long time ago. It’s actually a branch from coffee shop in Bandung. And I just had time to visit the coffee shop. I asked hubby to take me there. *thank you so much hon* It’s really far from our home, but we managed to visit theContinue reading “KOZI 3.7 at Jeruk Purut Cilandak Jakarta”

Gordi HQ at Jeruk Purut Cilandak Jakarta

March 27th, 2017. I saw this place from Fiona’s IG account some time ago. I thought it’s an office space or something like that. But, today, Ivan asked me to accompany him to visit the place. Since he said it’s coffee shop, I agreed. So, after a visit to Kebon Sirih area, we went to Cilandak.Continue reading “Gordi HQ at Jeruk Purut Cilandak Jakarta”