Sta’s Coffee & Eatery at Scientia Residences Serpong Tangerang

March 11th, 2017. They opened the coffee shop at my sister’s apartment area. It’s very easy to find it, if you knew the address. Just go to Tower A at Scientia Residences, and look for number 17. They had those stickers in the glass door, giving direction to upstairs. Sta’s Coffee & Eatery.


Confirmed that they’re the ugliest coffee shop in town, I was curious about it. So I asked them. A simple answer. They wanted customers to come and enjoy their coffee and things. Not to take picture for #OOTD or being a beautiful coffee shop. So, let them become the ugliest coffee shop in town, and please enjoy the coffee. No need to take photos etc. Cute reason, right? But still, I love their place. Dominated with blue colour, it’s very calm and comfy place to hang out with your college-mates or just having “me-time” after you sent your kids to school. Well, enjoy my simple review.

IMG_4524 IMG_4522 IMG_4523 IMG_4502 IMG_4503 IMG_4510 IMG_4509 IMG_4504 IMG_4505 IMG_4508 IMG_4506 IMG_4507 IMG_4511 IMG_4512

Ice Tea Darjeeling 25k


Lychee Yakult 35k

A perfect combination for me because I love lychee and I love yakult. Aaaah, I remember that I have to buy yakult downstairs! *yes, I’m at mall right now* Well back to this drink. They didn’t have something to eat, that’s why we ordered so many drinks hahaha.. Well, good thing, I’m good at drinking LOL. So, for those who love lychee and yakult, you guys should order this one. Recommended. Such a thirst-quenching.


Red Velvet Latte 33k

Love the colour of this red velvet hohohoho. If they asked me, I will name it: Blushing Latte. Hohoho. Please Sta’s! Please name it Blushing Latte. LOL. Tasted so good. I think it will be my favourite when I come to Sta’s next time. Smells so good with great texture. Love it!


Welcome Sta’s. Keep “ugly”! LOL. You know what I mean, right? It’s ok to be the ugliest, but please always keep the good work! And another thing, I need something to eat when I’m back. Hahaha.

Sta’s Coffee & Eatery
Scientia Residences, Tower A No. 17
Jl. Scientia Square Utara Boulevard
Serpong, Tangerang
IG: @stascoffee