Nasi Tim Pasar Pagi Ayauw at Pasar Pagi Asemka Jakarta

July 12th, 2017. I went to Nasi Tim Pasar Pagi Ayauw with my brother. Finally! I fell in love with this Nasi Tim, forever. And it’s been so long ago since I went there. So, when my brother took office leave, I persuaded him to take me to the place. Yaaaaay. Thanks Bro. Really appreciated it.


I think they never had a sign in front of the place, but I knew their exact place. The place wasn’t beautiful. No #OOTD corner. Or marble table. Or gorgeous floor tile. Actually it’s like a big stall in a traditional market. Not a fancy place, at all. No AC. No elegan place like in nowadays restaurants. But they’re surely have the best Nasi Tim ever. For me.

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Nasi Tim 32k

Like I said before. They have the best NASI TIM ever. For me. I don’t know about the others. But I loved this Nasi Tim since my first time eating there, until now. I tried so many version of nasi tim. But no one else comes close to this one. It’s chicken meat, not pork. But it’s the best Nasi Tim! Errr forgive my hyperbole words hahaha. Well, I remember the first time my Dad took me here. I was like, “Oh my, dirty place. Hot and no AC.” But when the Nasi Tim arrived at my table, the aroma intoxicated me, and the flavour was overwhelming. Well, I have to stop my review right now. Let me finish my Nasi Tim. *drooling*


Nasi Tim Pasar Pagi Ayauw
Proyek Pasar Pagi Lama
Lt II Los No U 18-21
Phone: +62 21 6902665

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