Sekai Koffee by Sekai Restaurant at Suryo Senopati Jakarta

May 29th, 2017. I thought Sekai Restaurant was a new restaurant. Turned out it’s been years. But, the Sekai Koffee was the new one. Actually I wanted to visit this one with friends 3 months ago, but it still closed. So I visited the place alone later since my friends evidently already been there.


Located inside Sekai Restaurant. It’s a nice area in the corner. Love the spot. A friendly barista took my order. There’s no many people at the restaurant, and only me in the Sekai Koffee. So I enjoyed my me-time there.

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Cafe Latte 35k

Love it. Creamy and milky texture with good flavour. I think I will order this one again when I have lunch at Sekai Restaurant.


Plain Croissant 15k

Not really special, but tasted quite nice to accompany my latte. It’s a little bit hard to chew, so I dipped it into my latte. It’s really nice. I think I will try their other food. 🙂


Thank you for reading my simple review about this place. It’s really a nice place to visit once in a while.

Sekai Koffee
(inside Sekai Restaurant)
Jl. Suryo No. 30
Senopati, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 72787755
IG: @sekai_koffee