Colleagues Coffee X Smorrebrod at 18 Office Park TB Simatupang Jakarta

January 10th, 2017. I had an invitation at 18 Office Park, a little bit so far from my place, so I tried to find a venue before the event. Good thing, there’s a small cafe inside the 18 Office Park, so I visited the place. It’s called Colleagues x Smorrebrod.


Small space with comfortable ambiance. I heard they spread their wings to malls. Yaaaay I will visit those places.

IMG_1938 IMG_1943 IMG_1942 IMG_1939 IMG_1940

Velvet Latte 26k

Sweet and delicious. And it’s bubbling really fast hohoho.. So pardon my photo.


Nasi Goreng Colleagues 35k

I asked for non spicy fried rice. But they gave me the spicy one. I told them and they gave a friendly gesture by change it to a non spicy one. I love the texture of the rice. It’s not too hard, not too mushy. Just perfect. And it’s very delicious. Recommended.

IMG_1946 IMG_1947

Croissant Tuna 37k

Love the tuna croissant but the croissant was a little bit too crumble. I prefer more tuna. Please! Well, I will order this one again next time I go to their other outlets. Wait for me!

IMG_1948 IMG_1949

Colleagues Coffee x Smorrebrod
18 Office Park Kav 18 Mezzanine Level
Jl. T. B. Simatupang
Phone: +62 21 22708247
IG: @colleaguescoffeexsmorrebrod