Seven Speed Coffee at Cipete Cilandak Jakarta

March 29th, 2017. This was my first destination on that cafe-hopping day with Aline and Cindy *later, Hans and Vania*. A small coffee shop on a small path of Abdul Majid Raya, not very easy to find since there’s no big sign in front of the venue. But if you really pay attention, it’s there. Seven Speed Coffee.


I just found out that Seven Speed is a term in bicycle world. Seven Speeds for Serious Riders. Seven-speed bikes are good for when you’re riding along more difficult terrain. The purpose of a bike with seven gears is to be able to adapt to and accommodate rougher conditions. And it’s really good that there some people that care about cyclists, and also dedicated a coffee shop to them. There aren’t a lot of seats inside or outside the coffee shop. So, it’s not a place to sitting all day long for blogging. Well maybe you can do that during working hours when not crowded. But it’s better for the business if it’s always full house, right?

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Latte 32k

I was coffee intolerant hahahaha.. I can drink coffee if it’s not too bold hahaha.. so, I was happy when the friendly barista gave me a light latte. I could drink a glass without any leftover. But hey, it’s still a good latte. Still feel the taste of great coffee in it. 🙂


Piccolo 28k


Peanut Butter Jelly Croissant 23k

When it came to my table, I was like, “Seriously? Half croissant? For the 3 of us?” LOL! But seriously, it’s good! Peanut butter mixed with strawberry jelly. A luscious combination, right? And when I come back again to the place, definitely one portion for myself. Love the texture of the croissant. Crunchy yet delicate. One more peanut butter jelly croissant, please!


Pulled Chicken Sandwich 30k

Actually, never crossed my mind to order this pulled chicken sandwich.. until we saw another customer ordered this one. It looked appealing, with smell-so-good aroma. So we ordered this one. And it’s super duper delicious. The generous pulled chicken with amazing texture and delightful flavour. Funny thing, when we ate, the owner slash the man behind the kitchen told us about his background before he made this coffee shop. He’s one of the chef in one of five-star hotel in Jakarta. Whoaaaa.. cool! No wonder the food here so delicious. Hmm.. nice job Chef!


Another place that I recommended for coffee lovers, especially the early birds. Come come! They opened 7am Tuesday to Sunday.

Seven Speed Coffee
Jl. Abdul Majid Raya No.33,
Cipete, Cilandak
IG: @7speedcoffee