Saudagar Kopi at Sabang Menteng Jakarta

July 8th, 2017. I heard about Saudagar Kopi a lot, since my sister loves to go there in the morning after dropping her kids to school. It’s not far from the school, actually. So, when I had my staycation nearby, I went there for the first time with Hans.


Located in Sabang street, Saudagar Kopi occupied a small shophouse with smoking area on 2nd level, and non-smoking area on 1st level, but they have outdoor area for smoking in the facade. It’s not a new coffee shop nor a fancy one, but it’s a comfortable place to hang out with friends and family.

IMG_1376 IMG_1279 IMG_1278 IMG_1275 IMG_1265 IMG_1271 IMG_1280 IMG_1281 IMG_1375 IMG_1270 IMG_1268 IMG_1267 IMG_1269 IMG_1272 IMG_1273 IMG_1276 IMG_1282

Hot Cappuccino 36k


Iced Kopi Tarik 42k


Iced Nutty Joe Latte 48k


Iced Caramel Macchiato 49k

This is my favourite. I only ordered this everytime I went to Saudagar Kopi. Well, yeah after that first time with Hans, I went there again several times with sisters and brother and last time with Aline. We love the place. I think it will always be our favourite place in Sabang hahaha..


Kue Cubit Original 22k

I ordered it half-baked kue cubit. So delicious, I always ordered again and again after that. LOL. Fluffy texture with delicious chocolate flavour. It’s very addicting! Trust me!


Roti Bakar Baheula 20k

It’s actually a butter sugar toast. It’s sweet and buttery and very delicious. I love it. The toast was silky and definitely not hard to eat. It reminded me of my childhood. Mom used to make this kind of toast. Ugh, miss you so much Mom.


Roti Bakar Pindakaas Choco 22k

Pindakaas means peanut butter. So it’s peanut butter chocolate toast. It’s also delicious. I really love their toast. The nutty flavour and chocolate flavour mixed perfectly inside the toast. And now I’m craving for this toast. Hmm…


Nasi Soto Betawi 37k

I remember that night I was hungry. So I ordered soto betawi. It was really good! Well, the next visit with Aline, I also ordered this nasi soto betawi hahaha.. Yes, it was THAT good. The delicious flavour from the broth was very addicting. And I loved when I saw perkedel as the side dish. OMG. Super recommended!


Thank you Saudagar Kopi for always made me happy. See you again super soon!

Saudagar Kopi
Jl. Haji Agus Salim No.26F
Sabang, Menteng
Phone: +62 21 3143270
IG: @saudagarkopi


[HOTEL] Mercure Jakarta Sabang – Deluxe with Double Bed Room

July 7th, 2017 – July 9th, 2017

Another chance to stay at one of Mercure hotels. Yaaaaay. This time, we got to stay at Mercure Jakarta Sabang. What a lovely staycation. It’s not far from our place, and it’s a great chance to stroll around Sabang area.


Mercure Jakarta Sabang is a 4-star international hotel, strategically located in the heart of Jakarta, nearby Thamrin street where corporate, Banking,Government offices and Sabang culinary street are only a few steps away. 5 to 15 minutes walking distance to the National Monument (Monas), US Embassy and Gambir train station. 45 minutes’ drive from the international airport. Ideal for both business and leisure travellers with free WIFI connectivity. Feel the intimate hotel atmospere and quiet stay.

The lobby isn’t very spacious, but friendly. I love the murals at the lobby. All about history of Jakarta. The ambiance was attentive and intimate. The 24-hour front desk are available to help guests with laundry and dry cleaning requests, arranging massages at the on-site spa and wellness centre, luggage storage, and concierge service.

IMG_1209 IMG_1211 IMG_1210 IMG_1215 IMG_1212

Deluxe with Double Bed Room (room 507)

Our 28 m² Contemporary Deluxe Room with Double Bed features comfortable bedding, Free WiFi, bathroom shower and 32′ LCD TV supported with selected international TV channels. Garden or swimming pool view are available for your preference.

Lucky us, we got free upgrade to Deluxe Room. It’s quite big with lovely ambiance. The interior of the room is very nice. My hubby was in love with the room, for sure. When I asked him to go with me, he said, “I wanna spend some good time in our room. You go by yourself lah.” LOL. I let him enjoyed the room, then.. hahahah.. I went to one of coffee shop at Sabang area to meet Hans. It’s a really nice experience. Just walking-distance. Lovely!

IMG_0221 IMG_1164 IMG_1163 IMG_1168 IMG_1165 IMG_1169 IMG_0231 IMG_1166 IMG_1167 IMG_1161 IMG_1162

Swimming Pool

The pool was a modest one. Not too big, not too small. Located near smoking area of the restaurant. When I came there’s no one inside the pool. But I was too lazy to swim all by myself. So I just stay in my room waiting for my hubby.

IMG_1202 IMG_1203 IMG_1201 IMG_1185 IMG_1187

Dinner Time

We had complimentary dinner at the Lobby Restaurant. They devided into 3 areas. The lounge, the dining area and the smoking area. The dinner took place in the lounge area. A very comfortable place. I really recommend the place for meeting with your colleagues or dinner with long lost friends. Psst, they have 2 massage chairs in the lounge area. Woohoo!

IMG_1184 IMG_1183 IMG_1182 IMG_1181 IMG_1180 IMG_1179

Lemon Squash 50k


Mango Splash 55k

Mixture of Mango juice, Lychee pulps, Lychee juice


Nasi Goreng Teriyaki 119k

Japanese style fried rice with chicken teriyaki satay, colleslaw salad, egg, soya chili and vegetables tempura


Nasi Goreng Mercure 149k

Our signature fried rice served with savory fried chicken galangal, prawn and covered with omelet, sambal, pickle and crackers.


Sop Buntut Sabang 179k

Signature Indonesian style Prime Oxtail soup served with steam rice, sambal, and gnamon/emping crackers


US Prime Beef Back Ribs 150k

IMG_1173 IMG_1174

Love the Sop Buntut Sabang. Tender meat and well-seasoned broth.
The Nasi Goreng Mercure was good, but I ate it when it's already cold. So, it's only good.
I should ask them to reheat it but I was too lazy. It's ok lah.
But the best was the US Prime Beef Back Ribs. Delicate and very tasty.


We did our breakfast in the dining area. Got a pretty nice sofa in the corner. The place is quite big but not many variants of food, according to us. But I found a nice chocolate bread hahaha.. Too bad the next day, it’s plain *put a cranky face* Overall, the breakfast was okay. But I think they can do better.

IMG_1216 IMG_1194 IMG_1193 IMG_1200 IMG_1198 IMG_1197 IMG_1196 IMG_1195 IMG_1205 IMG_1208

Thank you Mercure Jakarta Sabang and Accor Hotels. Definitely one recommended hotel around Sabang/Menteng area.

Mercure Jakarta Sabang
Jl. H. Agus Salim No.11
Sabang, Jakarta
Phone: +62 21 3503066
IG: @mercurejakartasabang

Another Coffee Shop at Sere Manis Building Kebon Sirih Jakarta

March 14th, 2017. I was in the middle of nothing to do hahahaha.. Well, I think I really had nothing to do. Then, I remembered that I have to go to Sabang area. After that, I visited a coffee shop there. I planned to come last year, but I couldn’t make time for it. So, this time, I went there, finally. Another Coffee Shop.


Located on the Ground Floor of Sere Manis Building, it’s quite nice. Spacious with smoking area too. Windows everywhere, you don’t have to worry about natural light. Well, even though, it’s a coffee shop, but you can order food from Sere Manis restaurant upstairs. They will give you the menu. So, it’s nice to have lunch too. Ok then, please enjoy my simple review.

IMG_4623 IMG_4622 IMG_4621 IMG_4620 IMG_4619

Ice Green Tea Latte 35k

A delicious green tea latte. Such a thirst-quenching on a sunny day. Love the texture and the flavour. Not too bitter and not too sweet. Just perfect.


Indomie Goreng Rendang 15k

I was very hungry at that time. So, I ordered instant noodle. Instant food for very hungry tummy. LOL. I had another place to visit after this one. But after one portion, I was very sorry. I wanted another one huhuhuhuhu..

IMG_4625 IMG_4626

Another Coffee Shop
Sere Manis Building GF Floor
Jl. Kebon Sirih No.83
Menteng, Jakarta
Phone: +62 878-8342-7293
IG: @anothercoffee_

The Lobby Restaurant & Lounge Mercure Sabang Hotel Jakarta

June 7th, 2016. I was invited to review about a restaurant. Located in Mercure Sabang Hotel, it was a very nice restaurant with indoor and outdoor near the pool. How to get there? I was ushered through a red light intersection Sabang, then I crossed the street. The hotel was on the right side. Then, I waited in the restaurant. The Lobby Restaurant & Lounge.

SAM_4457 SAM_4456

Actually the restaurant divided into 2 areas. The Lounge Bar and The Restaurant. The place is very beautiful and comfortable. Very nice to have a meeting with colleagues, lunch or dinner with family, or just hang out with besties. Let me show you around.

The Lounge Bar

Experience the warmth and stylish ambience on our Lounge Bar, which offers coffee, tea, range of wines, coctails and mocktails. A perfect place to meet, talk business and hangout while listening to our chilled-out music.

IMG_6036 SAM_4433 IMG_6035 IMG_6034 SAM_4431 IMG_6033 SAM_4432 IMG_6032 IMG_6031 IMG_6030 SAM_4444

The Restaurant

A selection of traditional and international food menu is proudly served for culinary lovers. Delicious and healty dish, hospitality services with pool and garden view is a perfect combination.

IMG_6037 IMG_6039 SAM_4434 SAM_4436 SAM_4437 SAM_4438 SAM_4439 SAM_4443 SAM_4441


Filalatela 55k

blended of raspberry, strawberry juice, ripped banana and grenadine syrup


Mango Splash 55k

mixture of mango jc, lychee pulps, lychee jc



Beef Enchiladas Nachos 75k

Crips corn chips topped with beef enchiladas, mozzarella cheese, sour cream, guacamole and tomato salsa

I love this starter. The beef enchiladas were very generous. The sour cream wasn’t that sour. One of the best nachos I’ve ever tried, actually. Mozzarella cheese enhanced the flavour of the nachos. Recommended.

IMG_6045 IMG_6049


Nasi Goreng Mercure 95k

Our signature fried rice served with BBQ chicken wing, chicken and beef satay accompanied with fried egg, pickles and crackers

The fried rice was delicious. Tasted like homemade fried rice made by moms. I love how they added chicken wing, chicken and beef satay with fried egg. OMG. The presentation was also beautiful. And I love the beef satay. It was tender and juicy.


Poached Salmon 155k

Served with mashed potato, grilled asparagus in tomato basil broth

Love the poached salmon. Cooked perfectly well. It was a big portion too. Worth the price. The tomato basil broth was amazingly delicious. The mashed potato was in perfect texture. I finished it by myself LOL. So delicious!



Es Pisang Ijo 48k

Suji leaves flavoured crepes filled with riped banana and served with sweet syrup

I will be back for this es pisang ijo. It was very delicious. The banana was sweet with perfect texture. Smooth on the outside and mushy on the inside. And my favourite part was the “bubur sumsum.” Melt in my mouth. Dayum!


Thanks to Mercure Sabang Hotel for those appetizing food. I will be back for more delicious food. Good job Chef!

Mercure Sabang Hotel
Jl. Haji Agus Salim No. 11
Gambir, Jakarta
Phone: 021-3503066
IG: @mercurejakartasabang

Rumate and Bofet Maknyos Sabang Jakarta

June 9th, 2014. I went to Sabang area to have late lunch at Rumate and Bofet Maknyos. Actually, I had seen Rumate a couple of times, but never had chance to try it. So, when I got chance to eat there, I took it. I went there alone, got a cab to take me there. A little bit confused with the location, but I finally arrived there.

IMG_3254 IMG_3250

They had outdoor area and indoor area. The place wasn’t big but quite nice. Dominated by red colour, made the place looked colourful. The weather was so hot, but I had to continue my culinary journey hohohoho..

IMG_3255 IMG_3244 IMG_3257

Nasi Bakar Cakalang 32k

This was the first time I ate nasi bakar cakalang. I thought it would be full of spices, but fortunately, it was quite good. Maybe I’m getting used to eat spicy food. Maybe. Well, that’s a good sign. It means I can eat any kind of food hahaha.. Ok, back to the dish.. It was a bowl of rice, with the cakalang on one side, and sunny side up with kemangi leaves on the other side. The portion was quite big for one person. I guaranteed you’ll be satisfied. The cakalang was sweet and spicy, really a nice combination for a fish.

Skipjack tuna is used extensively in Japanese cuisine, where it is known as katsuo (鰹 or かつお). Besides being eaten seared (katsuo tataki, 鰹のタタキ) and raw in sushi (寿司 or すし) and sashimi (刺身 or さしみ), it is also smoked and dried to make katsuobushi(鰹節 or かつおぶし), the central ingredient in dashi (出汁 or だし) (a common Japanese fish stock). It is also a key ingredient in katsuo no shiokara (塩辛 or しおから).

In Indonesian cuisine, skipjack tuna is known as cakalang. Most popular dish from skipjack tuna is cakalang fufu from Minahasa. It is a cured and smoked skipjack tuna clipped on a bamboo frame.[14] Skipjack is also integral to Maldivian cuisine.


Ketan Bumbu 16.5k

This sticky rice was savoury. They had 3 kinds of sticky rice. One of them was this “ketan bumbu.” This wasn’t the sweet one. They served this sticky rice with serundeng and shredded chicken. I finished this “ketan bumbu” in an instant hahahaha.. The sticky rice was delightful and enticing. Now, I am drooling while writing this zz zz zz

Serundeng is an Indonesian sauteed grated coconut that is often used as a side dish to accompany rice. First, spices and seasonings like onions, chili peppers, garlic, onion, coriander, turmeric, sugar, tamarind, bay leaves (daun salam), lime leaves (daun jeruk purut), and galangal are ground to a paste and fried. Then grated coconut is fried until golden brown and mixed with the seasoning paste and roasted peanuts. Freshly shredded coconut, instead of grated coconut left over from making coconut milk, gives a richer taste.[citation needed] Serundeng can be mixed with meat in dishes such as serundeng daging (beef serundeng) or sprinkled on top of other dishes such as soto or ketan (sticky rice).


Ketan Srikaya 18k

This is another sticky rice. They used srikaya jam to make it a sweet sticky rice. I loooooooove srikaya jam. But I prefer the “ketan bumbu” than this one. I think sticky rice was more delicious when it savoury than sweet.

Kaya, also called Srikaya or coconut egg jam, is a sweet creamy coconut spread made from coconut milk (also known as santan), duck or chickeneggs which are flavored by pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. The colour varies depending on the colour of the egg yolks, the amount of pandan and extent of caramelisation of the sugar. As a popular local spread, kaya is typically spread on toast to make kaya toast and eaten in the morning but is enjoyed throughout the day.


Teh Rosella Tajin 15.6k

Cooked with starch water (air tajin) and rosella petals. Tasted sour. But they provide sugar cubes to be mixed with this tea. So, for those who don’t like the sour flavour, can still drink this tea.


Teh Anti-Flu 22.3k

It’s a tea made from ginger, lemonade and lemongrass. It’s good for your body. It warmed you and made you relax. So for those who catch common cold, this is a good way to warm your body and I hope it will make you better.


Infused Water 14.5k

Infused water is a beverage, which consist of water and fruits. Infused water known as refreshing and very healthy. And you know what, drinking water will be fun with fruits hahaha.. It’s like a variation of drinking water. Some people now drink infused water everyday to become more healthy. I like this beverage, add an ice cube for those who like cold drinks. So fresh!!


Thanks Rumate and Bofet Maknyos for the late lunch.

Rumate and Bofet Maknyos Jl Sabang 21 Menteng Jakarta Phone: 021-31905904 FB Fan Page: Rumate Sabang twitter: @RumateID