Loewy at Oakwood Premier Cozmo Mega Kuningan Jakarta

March 5th, 2017. I went to this place several times. But I think, I never wrote it on my blog. So, when I got a chance to try their new menus, I was very happy. I scheduled my Sunday.. yes my busy Sunday hahahaha *ssst I went 3 venues at the time*.. and finally had a chance to review about it on my blog. Loewy.


The idea to establish Loewy was a spontaneous one: that there is a need in Jakarta for a casual bistro – an everyday place with an interesting but accessible menu, a well-designed but informal décor, and adding to the mix: a buzzing, energetic bar serving the best, stiffest drinks in town. The inspiration came from traditional Parisian bistros by way of New York City. The style of the interior is retro/classic with a modern interpretation. The original Thonet chairs, the leather banquet seats, the subway beveled tiles, the tin and copper ceiling panels, the white brick walls; evoking this “Paris bistro meets New York loft in the 1940’s“ feel. It is then combined with a modern layout and concept, creating an overall ambience that is uncluttered, clean, understated, and timeless.

Loewy was very happening since the day it was opened. Until now, of course. I remember my first time going there. I tried their best signature, Egg Benedict. And it was marvelous. I fell in love in a jiffy. Located in Oakwood Premier Cozmo, Mega Kuningan, Loewy was very easy to find. They opened in the morning since 1am. Wow, right? When you walk in, you will feel like in a bar or a bistro in a movie. Such an elegant movie-star feeling. Hahaha.. By the way, Loewy divided into 3 areas. A bar, a dining room and outdoor area.

IMG_4277 IMG_4273 IMG_4274 IMG_4275 IMG_4269 IMG_4270 IMG_4272 IMG_4271

Virgin Pina Colada

Unique presentation with skull-shaped mug. Tasted so fresh, not sweet, tend to taste sour.

IMG_4282 IMG_4283


from left to right

Melon & Mint 55k

Watermelon, Melon, Honey & Mint

Life Is Good 55k

Grapefruit & Fresh Lemon Sorbet

Horenzo 55k

Fresh Japanese Spinach, Cinnamon Syrup, Apple Juice & Fresh Lemon Squeeze



Tuna Carpaccio 70k

with Kaffir Lime Aioli, Arugula

For starter, I chose tuna carpaccio first. Slices of tuna, sprinkled by sesame seed.  Such a tremendously simple and light meal that will leave you with a big smile on your face after layers of slices hahaha. Don’t forget, squeeze the lemon.

IMG_4279 IMG_4281

Chicken & Avocado Salad 95k

with Wasabi Dressing

I didn’t know they used wasabi dressing. LOL. Love the presentation, though. Colourful but with calm colours, like greenish, yellowish and reddish. Errr.. sounds like traffic light hahahahaha.. Generous portion, for sure. I didn’t like avocado, but the chicken was delicious.



Roasted Duck with Hoisin Sauce 110k

Never liked hoisin sauce. Well, I still tried it, and still didn’t like it hahaha. The roasted duck, served with warm rice and kailan. Actually when I poked the duck, I thought it will be dry. But turned out it’s not. It’s not excessively juicy but it’s quite tender with delicious taste.


Brisket Sandwich 150k

with Caramelized Onions, Horseradish Aioli, Frites

Everybody loved this. I didn’t really like it, maybe because I got a hard one. Everybody said that it was tender and juicy. Too bad, right? I got the not-tender and not-juicy *sobbing* Served with french fries, I prefer mashed potato. Errr.. it’s very hard to make me happy, ya? LOL.


Lamb Fricassee 180k

with Braised Potatoes, Carrots and Peas

BEST! The lamb was delicate and succulent. I guess one of the best lamb. Fricassee is from Greek. I think it’s a classic way to cook the lamb. It’s not smelly at all. Love the broth. I tempted to ask for another rice hahahaha..

Fricassee or fricassée /ˈfrɪkəs/ is a method of cooking meat in which it is cut up, sautéed and braised, and served with its sauce, traditionally a white sauce. Fricassee can also refer to a type of sandwich made in Tunisia with fried bread and typically filled with many ingredients including tuna, olives, hard-boiled egg, middle eastern tomato salad, and others.



Cotton Cheese Cake 70k

with Blueberry Compote, Lemon Cream

One of the best cheese cake. Fluffy texture with sweet and sour taste from the cake and blueberry and lemon. Blend beautifully. Too bad I didn’t take many photos because everybody looked so impatient to try this one. I was afraid they will eat me if I took photos much more longer. Hahahaha..


Pot de Crème 55k

with Chocolate & Caramel Custard, Chocolate Ganache, Crumble

Those worthy pots. I tried both of them. The Chocolate and The Caramel. I loved both of them, but if they asked me to choose only one, I will pick the caramel custard pot. It’s creamy and silky with heavenly taste. Recommended!


Thanks Loewy for always giving me desire to go back to your place again and again.

Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta
Ground Floor
Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan E4.2 No 1
Phone: +62 21 25542378
IG: @loewyjakarta

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