Noodle King at Lotte Shopping Avenue Ciputra World Jakarta

November 29th, 2016. February 3rd, 2017. I saw there’s a new Korean restaurant at 3rd floor of Lotte Shopping Avenue. And I’ve been there two times. LOL. First, I went with my sister and her friend. Second time, I went there with Aline. Well, it’s always happy to meet her. She’s one of the longest friend in my foodies world. *hugging her* ahahahahahaha.. Ok, back to the place. I knew that their first outlet was in PIK area. But I’ve never got a chance to visit there. So, I finally visited the nearest outlet. Noodle King.


Specializes in authentic Korean food with an authentic Korean chef and owner, Noodle King stole my heart like crazy. Although I laughed hard when I saw the menu, I still love them. But, I think they need to improve it. Too many typo hahahaha which is not an important thing, but quite annoying for me, as a police-typo hahahaa.. Well, behind all that, I love the place. So comfortable with unique seats. Nice place to eat with friends, of course.

IMG_0265 IMG_0263 IMG_0267 IMG_0270 IMG_0262 IMG_0266 IMG_0268 IMG_0269 IMG_0273

Korean Tea Oksusu 12k




Jjajangmyeon 55k

Pork sirloin noodle with sweet flavoured black bean paste

First time tried jjajangmyeon. LOL. My sister said that she wanted to try their jjajangmyeon, so I gave it a try too. And it was delicious for me. She also said that it’s delicious. And it’s pork! OMG! Generous portion. Really big. I had to share with my sister and her friend. Well, it’s recommended. Must-try!

Jajangmyeon or jjajangmyeon is a Korean Chinese noodle dish topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang, diced pork and vegetables, and sometimes also seafood.

IMG_0278 IMG_0276

Jjajangbop 55k

Jjajang with rice

It’s almost the same with jjajangmyeon, but instead of noodle, they use rice. And again, it’s pork. But the black bean paste as the sauce, same taste, of course. It’s more my palate. So I guess next time I will order this one, again.

IMG_0280 IMG_0281

Dak Kalguksu 49k

Chicken soup noddle with fresh vegetable

This was a dish that I ordered when I ate with Aline. She cannot eat pork. Poor her, right? LOL. So we ordered chicken. The broth was thick, sweet and savory at the same time, with chicken and noodle and vegetables. Huge portion. Enough for the two of us, for sure.

IMG_2874 IMG_2876

Cheese Buldak 98k

Grilled chicken in spicy korean sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese

Buldak, bul  [불] translate to fire, and dak/dalg [닭] means chicken in Korea. So it means chicken on fire. Wooooow. Ok, this is one of my favourite. See those sexy mozzarella cheese? Yes, that’s me. Hahaha.. Just kidding! I’m just sexy. Not a cheese. LOL. Well, it’s *again* generous portion, but when I ate with Aline, it seemed that we had to order one portion again hahahahhaha.. It’s just not enough. By the way, I ordered rice for this menu, because it’s spicy. But I couldn’t stop eating it. *rubbing my tummy*

IMG_2877 IMG_2878

Noodle King
Lotte Shopping Avenue Level 3
Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No.28
Phone: +62 21 29889289
IG: @noodleking_



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